pardon my french: shared languages can open up a whole new world

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-04
It was a hot, tenacious day in Nazareth.
My photographer and I had a hard time leaving a shouting contest, pushing the Arab Christian and Muslim race on dusty streets between the reported Church and the proposed location of the new mosque.
The temperature is over 30 degrees and the sun is burning.
Sweat stream sweaty back, full of dirt, we struggled on a narrow street, between the concrete and stone walls, these walls are too high to see, most of them are wires
To avoid being burned, our rental car was parked a few blocks away
Floods and fires were mentioned in our comprehensive accident insurance policy, but we did not see inter-religious riots included.
In my limited experience, the Holy Land rarely feels so Hell.
Suddenly, a reflection of light flashed through the metal, next to a dark wooden door tied with iron, there was a small plaque.
It says, \"Soeurs de Sion.
\"I called my colleague and he turned around and opened the latch and pushed the door.
I don\'t know why I tried.
Obviously, I was interested in seeing French words on a humble wall in Nazareth.
It swings silently on the hinge and I walk past --into paradise!
Twenty years later, I still remember the shock of transitioning from the hot, noisy, dusty streets to the exquisite and beautiful cool, walled gardens.
There are grass and flowers, and there is a fountain of Splash, sparkling water.
Two giant palm trees provide shade for the entire garden, with a wide staircase leading to a stone terrace on the left.
I put down the tripod and bag I carried with me and got a little dizzy by the sudden changes in the environment.
My photographer put his head into the door and his complaint was surprising but still profane --laced turn. “Holy s—! ” he said.
We have to stand there and open our mouths for a whole minute and let the cool flowers --
The fragrant air lightens our pain.
Then, a little woman dressed in habits came out from the depths of the stone porch behind the patio, heading towards our dirty intruder, her black eyes flashing and her face frowning.
\"Maseo,\" I said as she approached. “Bonjour!
With these three words, her whole body changed at once.
Relax, smile and look at us now with interest instead of doubt.
This moment is a lifetime for me
Change the experience of sharing the power of language.
Of course, I have seen on many occasions how speaking French makes people communicate and understand.
But somehow, it\'s a new experience, and the French have made me step into the garden of heaven from the streets of Hell, welcome, and finally tea and almond cookies, and an hour to tell the story of the Lebanese Catholic childhood, followed by the University of Paris, and then spent his later years on the streets of Nazareth. In French.
When we talked in the garden, I suddenly understood what I had never thought of before --
When I return to my hometown and immerse myself in the reality of Quebec and Canadian language politics, I often work hard in French-speaking society and working environment --
The French are much bigger than I have experienced in my life.
Somehow, until then, French was almost entirely a local problem for me.
However, French is global, and this is one of the glory and greatest benefits of French in our lives.
After drinking tea, we completely recovered our spirits, said \"au revoir\" and walked back to our car.
Of course, it is not lit, but it has been locked;
Insurance in Tel Aviv is fine.
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