parliament\'s $30k doors no open and shut case

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-13
It has been confirmed that taxpayers will come up with $30,000 and put in a double-door set to separate opposing members in parliament.
The Parliamentary Services said this morning that the costs reflect the traditional features that the new doors must conform to the parliament building.
Labor and state party members have offices on the second floor of Parliament.
National Councillor Judith Collins, who launched a war of words between the two parties yesterday, said on Twitter that the Labor Party insisted that she be told of measures that would cost $50,000,
Chris Hipkins, Labor\'s chief whip, fought back and accused National of proposing to open the door.
Collins MS told the Herald that the installation of the door was trivial and unnecessary.
\"We were told that after the last election, Annette King and I arranged our previous arrangements when we entered Parliament --
We can walk along each other\'s corridors, using elevators, toilets and kitchens --
It\'s gone.
From next week there will be these very expensive, lovely kauri doors to stop us and us.
\"Tim mcindo, the country\'s chief party whip, told her and other affected state lawmakers that Labor had asked to open the door.
The gates will be controlled by swiping cards, allowing members of the media gallery and others to pass, but not members of parliament, Collins MS said.
Higgins said the Labor Party accepted a proposal from Congressman Gerry Browley after the election.
\"Basically, they want to remove a bunch of offices from us. . .
We reluctantly agreed.
\"Mackindo stated that Mr. Higgins had told him yesterday about Mr. Brownlee\'s earlier proposal, but earlier this year, when asked whether the Nationals wanted the door, he was aware of the situation.
\"I immediately lobbied the National councillors on that floor, and they all agreed that it was not needed, but we were then told that the Labor MP wanted it, so it would be installed.
\"As far as I recall, no one mentioned to me the cost of it at any stage.
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