pit bull mauling may result in charges

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
The 45-year-
An old woman was attacked Saturday afternoon in Yarmouth.
She was seriously ill and rushed to hospital.
RCMP Cpl on Monday
The woman is in stable condition, says Pittman.
Tony Middleton arrived at the scene during the attack and he told the CBC News that he found the woman falling down on a wooden door at her throat by the bulldog Zeke slumped.
\"As I walked through the alley, I heard someone shouting, \'Help me.
Please help me and help me.
\"When I went further in the yard, I saw a young lady here, and the dog\'s hind legs were raised,\" Middleton said . \".
Another passer-by called 911 when he ran to ask for help.
\"I ran to the grocery store,\" Middleton said . \".
\"I called the resident and asked someone to try to catch the owner and let him know that the dog was attacking someone in the yard.
The RCMP said two police officers in the area arrived quickly to drop the dog from the woman.
A police officer caught the pit and another officer shot and killed it.
Neither officer was injured.
Middleton said he was not sure if it was necessary to shoot the dog.
\"I don\'t know if it\'s really necessary because the dog is nailed to the ground.
It might be easier for them to pick up the dog and throw it into the kennel, \"he said, pointing to the kennel on the property.
\"She needs medical care to be critical and officials really don\'t have time to think about any other options,\" he said . \".
\"This is the action taken for their safety and for her.
The RCMP said the attack appeared to have started at the apartment and continued outside.
There was blood on a small wooden deck in the backyard, some on the nearby gravel, and some on the wooden door where the woman was found.
The owner of the dog, Gary Woods, said he was not home at the time, but 9-year-
There are old Zek and the second bulldog inside.
Woods said he had no idea why the former tenant\'s woman had walked into the apartment.
He said she knew about the dog.
There are two doors to the apartment.
The following sign warns tourists to knock at the door.
The police received an alarm earlier that a dog had attacked someone in the building, but did not file charges and did not know if it was the same dog, Rcmp said.
The woman is still in serious condition at Halifax hospital.
RCMP said an autopsy will be conducted to determine if there is any disease in the bullring.
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