police in oak bay double-murder case \'incompetent\': defence

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-15
Oak Bay police were the first police officer to murder two young girls at the scene, and on Tuesday a lawyer attacked the accused murderer violently.
A lawyer for a Victorian man accused of murdering two young daughters said Tuesday that police were incompetent in investigating the case.
Kevin McCullough\'s proposal on behalf of Andrew Berry was made on the second day of the intersection
Constant of Oak Bay.
Peter Ulanowski was the first officer at the crime scene.
The official admitted that he made a mistake after leaving Berry\'s apartment and did not pay attention to the front door of the suite while he was seeking help.
He admitted that he left the entrance to the suite unattended for about five minutes and McCullough thought it would give the killer a time to leave the room without being found.
But Ulanowski denied McCullough\'s claim that his actions amounted to incompetence.
Berry pleaded not guilty to the December verdict.
2017 seconds-
Chloe, 6, and Aubrie, 4, were murdered.
A police car parked outside an apartment building where police found the bodies of four and six-year-old sisters in the Oak Bay community on Boxing Day.
Chad Hipolito/presulanovsky, Canada, testified that he had encountered difficulties in pushing the door of the suite open, but admitted that he had not noted the difficulty.
The officer testified that he left the scene for help after noting that there was blood on the walls and floors and that there appeared to be a dead girl in the room, saying, the scene made him feel \"uncomfortable \".
\"It was very uncomfortable because I had to mention the dead children who reminded me of my own children.
That\'s why it\'s hard.
Ulanowski added that the only thing he wanted to do that night after his long shift was to go home and visit his children.
\"What else do you want to add,\" McCullough said . \".
\"Do you want to have a rest?
\"No, I\'m fine, your Honour,\" Ulanovsky told the judge.
\"You know he\'s on trial for murder, right?
McCullough said of his clients.
\"I realized that I was telling you what I remembered at the time,\" the officer said . \".
McCullough hinted that Ulanowski was trying to cover up his incompetence with the ideas he saw that scared him.
\"That\'s what you\'re really doing, right?
Said McCullough.
\"Yes, I was scared,\" said Ulanowski . \".
McCullough then said that he was unable to make detailed records, which did not surprise the official.
\"I was frightened by the whole situation,\" the police officer said . \". Six-year-
Old Chloe Berry (left)and her four-year-
Aubrie, 2017, died at Christmas.
Victorian colonial archives/PNGMcCullough also inquired about Ulanowski, who met with several other officials later in the evening for a psychoanalysis
Prior to the completion of a written statement on his involvement in the case by Ulanowski, the health meeting.
Counsel for the defense argued that Ulanowski\'s actions increased the likelihood that his evidence would be contaminated. “Const.
Don\'t you know that it will pollute all your evidence?
Said McCullough.
\"I understand what you\'re talking about,\" said Ulanowski . \".
\"It\'s just something that we\'re brought in, it\'s for spiritual --
Health first aid.
The official added that there was nothing \"malicious\" in the spirit\"health session.
McCullough said he was sure it was not malicious, but asked Ulanowski if \"police Rule 101\" applied to him.
\"I don\'t know why you used this to accuse me,\" the officer replied . \".
\"My spirit
I had health first aid before I got home.
McCullough also asked Ulanowski that some of the text he wrote during the investigation could not be retrieved later.
Defense counsel said the text had been destroyed by Ulanowski, but the official denied the suggestion.
Later on Tuesday, he also asked Ulanowski about his admission.
Starting the inspection last week, he has discussed the case with his wife, and McCullough believes this is a violation of Judge Miriam groper\'s instructions, and he does not discuss it with anyone at the time of cross-examinationexamination.
The Berry trial, which began last week, is expected to last for three months.
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