police: pa. dementia patient, 78, killed another

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-15
EBENSBURG, Pa. (AP)-A 78-year-
Elderly people with dementia in nursing homes have killed an elderly man in his 70 s. year-
The authorities said the old man lived on the same floor and slammed his head with a door, but it was not clear if he would be accused of killing. Ray Dunmyer Jr.
Was charged with a serious attack and was transferred to another facility.
Officials at the Cambria Medical Center in Ebensburg say they don\'t know why dunmel attacked Thomas Shaw on Saturday after the staff tried to stop him, A spokesman for Grand medical owns the facility.
\"Obviously, it all happened within a few minutes,\" Fox said on Altoona Mirror on Wednesday.
\"For a second, he visited the gentleman in the room.
Xiao and next, the staff screamed for help.
A cbs News poll showed a controversial police video showing a massive blackout in Hong Kong. Two nurse assistants found Xiao lying in a pool of blood and saw Kenneth Durbin, the head national police officer of dunmelshaw, say.
Durbin said the assistants worked hard to control Dunmyer, who hit an assistant in the face and kicked the back of another assistant before they could subdue him.
Cambria County coroner ruled on Tuesday that Xiao\'s death was a murder case, saying he died of head injuries after being hit by a door.
The coroner found that Xiao\'s body was also bruised.
Durbin on Monday charged Dunmyer with serious attacks and other offences and raised issues with District Attorney Kelly Callihan regarding criminal homicide charges.
Callihan did not immediately respond to The Associated Press call on Wednesday.
Fox said dunmel was a patient in the 370 incident.
The bed nursing home has not given any instructions since September, \"this can happen.
Dunmyer and Shaw live on a floor that can hold 60 memories
Patients with damage
\"Usually they are in good physical condition, but the brain is another story,\" Fox said . \".
Fox said Grane officials have informed state health officials and have been cooperating with police investigations.
Penn health department spokesman Holli Senior said Grane followed appropriate reporting procedures, which triggered a field investigation by the department.
If problems are found, the seniors say, Grane will have 10 days to work out a plan to solve them.
\"The main goal here is to make sure the situation is corrected and what to do if there is something that can be done to make sure that this kind of thing doesn\'t happen anymore,\" Senior said . \".
Glen bought a nursing home 70 miles east of Pittsburgh from Cambria for $14.
3 million, which has been in operation since January. 1, 2010.
The county lost money at home, known at the time as Laurel CREZ rehabilitation and special care center, and there were not enough patients at home to justify its staff.
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