porsche to build 77 $800k gt2 rs inspired by 1970s 935/78 \"moby dick,\" most outrageous 911 ever

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-10
Porsche\'s racing toy store was hit again, reassembling a series of components, systems and technologies that proved successful in the previous racing GT.
Based on 700-Horsepower Road-
The legal GT2 RS and the restoration of the sacred ancient model name, 935 carbon
The fiber-reinforced polymer body cleverly updates the most outrageous 911 visual effect ever, and 935/78 is nicknamed Moby Dick.
The aerodynamically enhanced wheels echo the 935/78 wheel.
In memory of the current car\'s glory, the 919 Hybrid ldp1 car uses LEDs on the rear wing end board.
It was announced at the Rennsport party this weekend that the building may have sold out.
The 935 has the front fender vents for the first time on the GT3 R customer car, as well as the huge rear wheel arch that hears the Beluga.
The car is not authorized to compete in any professional series, giving engineers and designers the freedom to dominate the design elements of the past Porsche car.
Of course, this car is different from the brutal original car. it has air. conditioning.
Inside, the transmission is made of laminated wood, reminiscent of Porsche racing cars like 917 and 909 Bergspyder. The carbon-
The fiber steering wheel and the color display behind it have been removed from the 2019 911 GT3 R.
A safe cage with a racing barrel seat and a six
The safety harness helps ensure maximum safety.
The passenger has a second seat.
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