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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-25
If you are like me, on an unusual short occasion, exquisite authentic Italian cuisine is the only irresistible key, it is able to open the edible partition between your natural taste sensors for a pleasant dining experience.
Therefore, if this world-famous northern Mediterranean food desire and preference is the genetic trait we share or the simple \"Italian Amore Di Italia\" passion, there is no doubt, this is a common choice for the vast majority of people around the world, not for any other race-specific food, and you are very welcome to join me as we continue our vigorous desire for entertainment, satisfy the quest to discover, identify, explore and accurately record the best restaurants in Southern California and beyond.
The depth section below accidentally revolves around the \"Potofino Italian restaurant\" in La Habra, a double-door opening organization with the theme of \"Rome\", welcoming its first customers, and serve its first center that is eagerly prepared©More than twenty years ago.
\"Ristorante Portofino, Italy\" on West Whittier Avenue \".
, Located about two miles east of the Beach Drive in rahabula city, adjacent to the low-key and affluent community of the rahabra Heights, which is geographically somewhat sparingly nestled in a small community, typical rolling hills in the mild elevation of Southern California, it is a beautifully designed and beautifully decorated fine dining room with moderately rich menus, including several ethnic-specific options, these options will certainly satisfy almost all preferences and ages.
From delicious cornerstone traditional cuisine such as \"spaghetti and meatballs\" or other closely related marinades and creamy tomato pasta entrees, to a very popular dish in the countryside like the rich \"chicken breast\", as well as other common poultry, beef and pork options, completely original, it seems that Portofino\'s goal is to please customers by providing carefully distributed food at a relatively reasonable cost ,(
Although some main courses may be considered a bit expensive, especially if your eyes deviate from the \"specials\" of the House \")
, Is ambitious to serve in an inviting atmosphere that exudes the \"romantics\" and \"class touch\" of the \"Roman Empire\" style.
Successfully managed the unique nature of La Habra and the delicate balance between the moment you walk in to the cultural grandeur and the unparalleled mini-tour of the \"Roman\" city.
A true Italian spirit, appreciation of Italian cuisine, and a simple passion for everyday life will devour your essence.
> The exterior maintenance of the environment Portofino is quite good, the typical Mediterranean influence landscape design, mainly composed of native lush green jujube palms and impatien flowers of multiple colors, when you approach the restaurant, added a proper touch of classic emphasis and received a heartfelt welcome to decorate the Italian statues that seem to escort you through the wooden double door entrance, no
The overall character of the interior design, as well as the external makeup to a lesser extent, is an inner attempt to reproduce the theme of a real \"Roman\" influence, add Mediterranean and universal shades of \"multi-zone.
A seamless blend of two different styles, combined with the subtle essence of the traditional northern region of Tuscany, is reflected in both physical attributes and powerful authentic menu choices, should be enough to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs of architecture.
Although the whole building is independent and connected to a public roof, supported by bricks and mortar, connecting the building from the front to the back, the unique charm of the manual manufacturing of portofino is the multi-segment interior plan and layout design including several \"sub\"
Rooms or \"banquet halls\" within the overall building provide guests with a unique choice to choose a smaller, more intimate dining environment, or be escorted to a medium-spacious main room.
Of course, it depends on the choice of availability.
Once seated, looking up at cielo, you will find that the blue decoration of the sky is highlighted by the sparse and fluffy white clouds.
After a hearty Italian meal, many guests venture into the charming cocktail bar located on the left side of the front lobby entrance to extend a pleasant evening.
> Menu/price/dinner is in line with my uninhibited enthusiasm, not traditionally
My strong appetite for Italian cuisine
The intention of the arrangement is to immerse yourself in several major dishes and get accurate cooking \"feel\" for the chef\'s preparation style and overall quality of the dishes \"(
Of course, the container was taken out for the unfinished part).
The main course includes \"Tuscan chicken \"-
Meatballs & fukasia
\"Angel pasta and garlic sauce \"(
One of my personal favorites is freshly chopped Italian bacon, which is occasionally available for a very reasonable $8 on the dinner special menu. 99 )-
\"Pizza with Italian sausage\"
\"Plug the Shell \"-\"Penne Pasta\" -
Unfortunately, the list of calorie-balanced diets continues.
A few dishes can be served with soup (
Usually lentils or peppermint)
Or salad, and warm Italian bread, perfectly baked, in a traditional basket.
Nothing is too fancy, just take out fresh, plain, miniature bread from the oven and walk to your table without asking.
Some of the specialties also include a small spoon of ice-cold spumoni or vanilla bean ice cream, or other flavors of the day, which proved to be a good way to dine.
The price of the special dishes for lunch and dinner is reasonable, considering the quality and the degree of freedom of supply, but the regular non-discount menu, including the recommended special dishes, can\'t be touted for cheap or incredible value in any case, however, for a great night at this Italian restaurant, the price will certainly not be too high.
A moderately diverse menu consisting of steak, chicken, pasta and small appetizing seafood options is represented and cooked according to taste, from the moment you sit down, at the beginning of the dining experience, the whole family should be able to choose one or two appetizers relatively easily.
After carefully considering and weighing all the elements, I personally found some key elements that can create or destroy a first-class dining experience, any or all of these elements are indeed possible with your cooking I later decided that Portofino offers a very desirable mainstream, race-themed environment conducive to a charming quaint evening.
Note, however, that if your eyes deviate from the discounted menu specials, the overall experience will quickly evolve into a wallet or wallet drainage activity, especially if a wine or other cocktail is combined with this meal.
> Parking/access to Ristorante Portofino in Italy is seamless and basically effortless through Whittier Avenue.
On the busiest night, the parking lot seems to be enough to accommodate the most crowded dining crowd.
Although, if two or more private parties, wedding receptions or company parties are arranged at the same time on any Friday or Saturday evening, it is certainly not impossible, it may be a bit challenging to find a parking space in time, and turn around the parking lot many times to find a available parking space that may be coming soon.
However, unless these stars are precisely arranged together to create special circumstances, such as the maximum capacity reservation mentioned earlier, which may result in an abnormal surge in passenger and respective vehicle traffic, the spacious lot is placed continuously from the side of Portofino and wrapped all the way to the back of the building, which in my estimation is easy to measure in half the size of the football field, adequate space should be provided for safety, insecurity
Multi-event operability and abundant selection of parking spaces.
Approximately four designated oversized spaces for the disabled are located on the side of the building, close to the main entrance for easy parking and convenient dining.
> Live Entertainment/\"VINNY\"
Sept 2011 to 2012, and based on the rich account stated by the customer, this restaurant has probably received a considerable number of artists in the past, the boss, and I have several unique opportunities for short and enlightening conversations, I was really lucky to have the opportunity to sign precious Orange County treasures like Vincenzo \"Vinny.
A very talented and accomplished pianist, who has maintained a low-key, extremely humble and long life, has been an avid enthusiast in Southern California for nearly half a century, at the same time, he used his wonderful piano to play magic gifts to entertain a large number of locals and tourists.
Those who often use Portofino are considered to be the unique pleasure of watching him take care of the baby gracefully, in a typical master, like a magical fingertip sweeping over the ivory key, perform countless classic standards effortlessly, in harmony with a selection of seasonal and modern options, near perfect.
His talent, his passion for art, and his desire to share this melodic gift with the world cannot be underestimated and greatly appreciated by all the audiences he has touched, young and old.
Although it is speculated that he will not admit and will not fully accept the word \"iconic\" Orange County characters to describe himself, according to the words of praise from loyal fans, he is, no doubt, the typical celebrity/musician deserves his continued praise and recognition.
Southeast of Naples in southern Italy, with deep ancestral roots, vincenzo has brought his proud tradition to the restaurant bar and dining area, as well as the perfect music glory, instead of letting customers hear loud noises or loud noises.
Vincenzo, who simply and skillfully played all the classics, was perfectly suited to the Italian-themed ristorante, without self-worship and indulgence of the extremely high decibel level, and
His favorite is to play everyone\'s favorite race-influenced songs, along with the usual, acclaimed most loved and 1930-year-old screen soundtrack.
Flashy, charismatic, luxurious and overblown \"entertainment\" works have not yet come out, however, first-class, elegant, moderate-paced, easy-to-accept, cleverly offering a variety of arrangements, tailored to satisfy all musical tastes, while praising the romantic dining environment, \"Vinny\" performs almost perfectly five and Saturday nights a week, and he is a lifelong pianist, for decades, it has entertained a large number of loyal fans from the coast to the coast.
However, the schedule may change and Vincenzo will continue to offer his unique musical ability and talent to select venues in the Southern California region.
In addition to his previous short-term limited team event at Portofino, Vincenzo also performs 1 to 2 hours of live performances with exclusive, intimate, in a variety of assisted living and retirement venues throughout Orange County.
A continuous tour from Mount Laguna to Cypress, California, where he continues to bring his elegant style, natural talent and true love for music, these are all through his piano craft for those who can use a little more spiritual ascension.
From September 2011 to January 2012, Vincenzo attended a limited series of Friday and Saturday evenings at Portofino, and I was told that if the schedule and other related factors permit, it is possible to come back in the future for an additional encore show or an extended calendar of dates.
Cuisines/menu selection-
Price-B to B
C to B Services-
B to A parking/access-
A to A> REVIEWAlthough although the regular menu pricing outside the \"special offer\" umbrella can actually be considered as A free rein for regular customers, some main course sections plus free sub-
Dishes like soup, salad and bread basket are reasonably priced and can be imagined as a respectable comfort.
I am happy to find these dishes fresh and seemingly cleverly prepared with a wealth of healthy ingredients that were not put on hold for a long time before use, A competent chef integrated in with his heart, and according to the literature in Portifino Hall, he clearly did not have complete Italian descent.
However, if after reading a very informative article that briefly summarizes the history of the restaurant and the current product, I am not attracted to this fact, I would have thought the possibility was very good.
On the contrary, when it comes to the preparation of authentic Italian cuisine and certain traditional recipes, there is a small and persistent population, when visiting an authentic Italian restaurant, they prefer a national-specific dining experience as a whole, from entrance to conclusion to complex details©Cole and atmosphere.
So if a strict, non-negotiable preference is your unwavering privilege, I would suggest that you still benefit Portofino from the doubt and make a preliminary attempt to determine it directly. If so, the food here is obviously different in comparison.
Having said that, I have to say that my personal Portofino dining experience in the rearview mirror, although there is a list of minor issues that have been discussed before, or will be in the following paragraphs, I enjoyed it very much.
From a variety of options for basic pasta and a marinade-oriented main course, to a spoon of spumoni ice cream, in a glass in the desert, all the Way to brisk, efficient and timely service, and the sound of meticulous running water is pleasant, and the exquisite planning and candlelight entertainment provides an extraordinary pianist \"Vincent (Vinny)
\"This adds an extremely rich and delicious musical elegance to the overall experience.
It was an unforgettable night for me.
Although a wider selection of fresh seafood may be welcomed by customers, they prefer to taste delicious Italian food in deep salt water, such as wild big hali fish, bass, Ipswich clams New England lobster, and maybe even snow or king crab in Alaska, many of which are the standard pillars of many real Italian restaurants, pasta dishes with Tilapia fish, salmon and scallops should be able to alleviate all needs other than the appetite for ocean cuisine.
Through the interior, from north to south, from east to west, I noticed that the whole restaurant was very scattered and, in my opinion, a little too scattered in appearance, this creates obvious reality and visual confusion, the illusion of closure, and may even be a slight claustrophobic sensation for some sensitive and sensitive customers.
Personal observation, in translation, if you like segmented, quasi-private, non-crowded feelings, or even the experience of asylum, any number of rooms within Portofino, each one has a unique personality and feel that will probably be ideal for your visual solution for an ideal or comfortable experience.
However, although the area of the restaurant is relatively large, the ceiling in several areas is higher than the normal height, and it is an open single room, and the spacious and airy atmosphere has not yet begun, so if this is an important consideration, be prepared for a small adjustment.
My expectations have improved when I arrived here, and fortunately for me, most of the key aspects that must be met or exceeded by making positive suggestions have been met without exception, I can say with confidence and firmness that although I have found some minor issues or concerns due to my collection of news media-induced dining experiences, but the Portofino Italian restaurant in La Habra, across the border between the two counties, is indeed one of the best Italian restaurants in northern Orange County/Los Angeles County, California.
The food is good, the weight is reasonable, and the overall environment is elegant and authentic, but in fact it needs comfortable, informal and casual clothing, while the interior design exudes moderate refinement, sporadic works of the \"Roman\" period, synthetic marble buildings and elaborate Italian d. ©Cole and the torch.
In my opinion, if you are anxiously looking forward to a casual or romantic candlelight dinner date or lunch, the food, charm and charm are rich, even though the price is slightly above average, I am fairly confident that you will find the Portofino Italian restaurant very welcoming and satisfying in all the food that is essential to define the category.
Address: 651 West Whittier Avenue
La Habra Ca 90631 phone:562)690-
1765 hours: Lunch: Monday-Fri 11:30 AM -
Dinner at 2: 30 p. m. : SunSat 5:00 PM -
Close Menu: * additional Portofino products
Wine tasting on Wednesday-Banquets -
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