Precautions for wooden door varnish coating construction

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-22

Guangdong wooden door varnish coating construction precautions

Guangdong wooden doors are widely used in hotels, shops, shops and other places. Most of these wooden doors have beautiful wood grain. After coating with varnish, its wood grain will be clearer and more beautiful, with strong stereoscopic impression and higher decoration. According to the common wood grain condition of common mid-range wooden doors, two kinds of original wood color coating process and backing coloring coating process can usually be adopted. If the wooden door varnish is brushed and dried, the smoothness and gloss of the paint film are not ideal (Such as wood grain brown eyes are too deep and absorption is too strong) , Use No. 150 emery cloth to Polish and flatten the paint film along the wood grain, wipe the floating powder repeatedly with a damp soft cloth, and then brush a layer of alkyd paint finely, as long as the paint film after the brush is free from flow, flow and other defects, after drying, the paint film can be smooth and bright, the wood grain is clear and beautiful, and the three-dimensional color coating quality is strong. If the wooden door paint film is required to achieve mirror-like smoothness, the door leaf can be removed and placed horizontally after the second paint is dried and polished and wiped clean repeatedly, with a thick brush of 1 ~ 2-course alkyd lacquer ( Depending on the depth of the wood grain brown eyes, when the brown eyes are shallow, brush one thick and brush two deep and thick), Master the amount of paint when brushing (Do not add thinner)Reach 150 ~ 200g/㎡The first sense) Before cleaning and grinding, wipe off the water marks, dry the water thoroughly, then wipe it with a clean soft cloth to confirm that the surface of the wooden door is clean, then carefully and thick coat the alkyd paint until it is dry for 2 ~ After 3 days, the decorative quality of the paint film is smooth and mirror-like, and the gloss shines on the figure.

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