Prevent wooden door paint cracking

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-11

1. After the woodworking work is finished, it must be left for a few days, and then paint after the water is transpiration. This can prevent the paint surface from cracking due to the deformation of wooden door caused by too much water in the wood guess.

2. When painting the original wooden door in Guangzhou, be careful not to let the paint surface be too thick. The thicker the paint surface, the simpler it will be because the uneven heat and cold of the surface and inner layer will cause the paint surface to crack.

3. When making a bathroom door, you should pay special attention to the anti-corrosion and waterproof treatment on the reverse side, because the environment of the bathroom is moist and the water vapor is left, it is necessary to waterproof each side of the wooden door to prevent water vapor from entering.

4. In the equipment wooden door, do not stick to the ground, generally need to leave a certain distance, so after laying the floor can prevent the door from clinging to the ground, Luo Zhi ground moisture.

1. Do not wipe the wooden door directly with a cloth dipped in water, which will cause water vapor to enter the inside of the wooden door along the invisible fine lines of the paint surface, forming a paint empty drum, after all, it caused the fall. The accurate cleaning method should be to wipe the commonly used clean and soft dry cloth or gauze.

2. The wooden door in the bathroom is particularly prone to paint cracking or even falling. Therefore, in the usual use, be sure to pay attention to the water vapor on the wooden door in Guangzhou, it is necessary to dry it with a dry rag immediately, and carry out monotonous treatment on the Guangzhou wooden door in time. After all, apply a layer of special protective wax on the surface of the wooden door to prevent water vapor from entering.

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