Price difference of solid wood suit doors made of different materials

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-03

In the process of decoration of new houses, the purchase and installation of the suit door are indispensable, so how to choose the suit door with high cost performance has become a hot topic for our discussion. The use effect and performance of different materials and design processes are also different. So in the Guangzhou suit door market, how should we choose the suit door?

solid wood set door has elegant and noble characteristics but the price is relatively high, can be installed in a relatively conspicuous master bedroom because Chengdu solid wood set door has clear wood grain texture and natural color, revealing a kind of warmth, give people a sense of returning to nature.

Among the current solid wood suit door types, the black walnut solid wood suit door is more popular, and the price of each set is about 4500 yuan. Oak, Sabri and other wood species are also very popular, and the price of each set is around 2500 yuan. Solid wood suit door is limited by the nature of raw materials and processing technology, and its shape and style are relatively few.

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