price of hate: radical israeli settlers vandalize christian monastery

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-04
Earlier on Tuesday, the blue graffiti that denigrates the Christian center figures was scribbled at the gate of the Franciscan Monastery near the Domaine church.
It was removed shortly afterwards.
Located outside the walls of the Old City on Mount Zion, the Domaine church is considered by many Christians to be the place where the Virgin Mary died.
\"What happened was that a church on Mount Zion was targeted.
\"It says graffiti against Christianity and the \'price tag, \'and now we are investigating the incident,\" police spokesman Mitch Rosenfeld told AFP . \".
The term \"price tag\" is used to refer to crimes committed against local Palestinians or Israeli security forces in retaliation for any action taken to curb settlement expansion.
According to Reuters, Israeli President Shimon Peres said in a statement in response to the attack on Mount Zion: \"Price tag acts are against Jewish religion and cause great harm to Israel . \".
\"The holy land cannot be hurt.
In recent months, the number of \"price tag\" attacks has increased, Palestine and Israel-
Arab cars, mosques and olive trees that often target arson.
In recent months, the perpetrators have expanded the reach of the victims and have increasingly focused on churches, citizens opposed to the expansion of settlements and Israeli soldiers.
Tuesday\'s attack was the second in less than a month against Christian websites.
September, Pro
Settlement vandals defaced the Latrun monastery in the West Bank and wrote \"Jesus is a monkey\" in an orange large letter on its outer wall \".
After the evacuation of the immigrants, the wooden door at the entrance of the monastery was also burned.
On February, two cars and a stone fence in the Valley of Jerusalem\'s cross monastery were also destroyed by phrases such as \"Jesus death\" and \"Christian Death.
The tires of the car were also cut.
Christian leaders condemned the attack, saying the \"hate forces\" had used the violence as a scapegoat.
Prime Minister Benjamin netaenhu said those responsible for last month\'s \"criminal act\" must be \"severely punished \".
Rosenfeld said a special investigation team has been set up to investigate
Christians hate crime.
Palestinians and Israel
Settlement activists questioned the effectiveness of the task force, saying there was little progress in the arrest of those responsible for carrying out such attacks.
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