protesters block douglas street to protest fossil-fuel investments

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-12
On Monday, about 100 protesters, led by a woman wearing a gas mask, marched in front of the main Bank of Canada\'s downtown Victoria branch.
This Earth Day demonstration is aimed at protesting the bank\'s investment in fossil fuels, a major source of greenhouse gases and climate change.
Bank depositors are urged to transfer accounts from banks to credit unions.
Protesters gathered at 700 block of Yates Street at noon and before heading to Douglas Street there were signs of \"preventing runaway climate change\" and \"investing in our future, not fossil fuels \".
Outside Nova Scotia Bank, 702 St Yates Street
Protesters stopped protesting when Antonia Bagin, the organizer of the Vancouver Island genocide rebel group, read a statement from Mother Earth.
\"Dear human beings, we have known each other for thousands of years,\" Paquin said . \".
\"I love you, and you love me.
\"But now that I am exploited, your company, your government, your bank and your power network are poisoning my body,\" she said, standing by Mother Earth wearing a gas mask . \".
Protesters continued south along Douglas Street.
When they passed the Bank of Montreal, 1225 Douglas Street.
Several protesters stopped with yellow warning bands at the entrance.
On the streets of Ford and Douglas, protesters briefly occupied the road at the crossroads.
Go to the road Center of singing and singing.
The accompanying police waved the vehicle around.
Royal Bank, Douglas Street, 1079.
And TD Trust Canada, 1080 Douglas Street
Several demonstrators cut the plastic bank. client cards.
Susan keep said she closed her TD account because she was one of the protesters and believed the message.
Quipp also says her account is a long-forgotten one with only $11 and change.
But she went against the bank staff and told them what she was doing and why.
\"They are very happy and sweet,\" she said . \".
\"They even asked me to cut the card with a pair of scissors.
Across the street, RBC closed the glass door.
A security guard stood guard to watch and opened the door only for those who presented their bank cards.
As protesters gathered on the sidewalk, a white extended limousine stopped.
A tall, thin, burly woman came out of it, dressed in a medley dress.
Black suit.
The actor, who claimed to be Penny Price, CEO of the Royal Dominion Empire Financial Commercial Bank Trust, said bank clients should not be worried about protests.
\"When we become more profitable about future development, these market fluctuations will be in a state of balance,\" booed the price, and the hissing audience curds were apparently enjoying the street drama.
People, from young people to the elderly, and even very young children, have different ages.
Paul Stephen holds his two. year-
The old son, Cedar, said he had not participated in any demonstration or action since he was young.
After the birth of cedar, the protests became more urgent.
\"It\'s been very frustrating for years because it seems that no one is acting, so I kind of gave up,\" Stephen said . \". “But when he [Cedar]
\"It\'s not a choice to give up,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s one thing when you\'re just worried about yourself, but when you have someone else who will live with what\'s going on, things are different.
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