quantum time travel: black hole not required

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-11
Justin Mullins says you don\'t need to let the universe spin to see that time is working-so what happens when a photon with a quantum gun goes back to suicide?
It seems strange to talk about time travel in a room overlooking the green courtyard at MIT.
The building, which began in 1916, looks like its age and colon;
During that time, the high ceilings, cloister and moldy office with heavy wooden doors barely changed.
If there is no computer screen in the corner, the interior of the room can almost start dating from that time.
This office belongs to Seth Lloyd, one of the world\'s leading quantum mechanics theorists.
We are talking about a paper he and his colleagues distributed about a month ago, describing a subtle new twist in time travel.
This paper appears every few years, often focusing on some kind of thinking experiment that uses logic and reasoning rather than equipment to describe how time travel actually happens.
There are always warnings;
For example, the unfortunate time traveler has to travel to the edge of the black hole to complete the feat.
Therefore, there has never been an experimental test of ideas.
It\'s all fun, usually a few columns in inches, but there\'s very little tangible stuff that can get your teeth in.
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