raising steam

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-12
Nothing is hard to understand, but the multiverse is full of it.
There is nothing to travel anywhere, always before something, in the vast cloud of not knowing anything, eager to be something, burst, move, feel, change, dance and experience-
All in all, make a difference.
Now, when it floats in the ether, it finds a chance.
Of course, I don\'t know anything, but this thing is different, oh, yes, so nothing slips silently into something, and float down and land on the back of a very big turtle with everything, and hurry up faster.
This is the element, nothing is better than this, and suddenly the element is captured!
The bait works.
Anyone who has seen the Anke River slide along its chaotic river bed will understand why the Anke people have so much fish food
The situation of the fishing fleet of Morpork qufirm.
In order to prevent serious stomach problems in the public, Anke-
Morpork fishmongers must make sure that their suppliers are far from the city.
For Bowden Jeffries, he is the best supplier of seafood, a distance of 200 miles or more between the fish pier in Qilun and the customers in Anko
It is regrettable that Morpork has a long distance throughout the winter, autumn and spring days, and it is also a pure confession in the summer, because the highway, like it, along the way into a linear melting pot to the big city.
Once you have to deal with a ton of overheated octopus, you will never forget it;
The smell lasted for a few days and almost followed you into your bedroom.
Never get it from your clothes.
People are demanding, but the elite of Encore
Even at the hottest time of the season, Morpork and others wanted their fish.
Even if he built an ice house himself with two hands and arranged a second ice house on the journey, it made you want to cry and really cry.
He said the same thing to his cousin, market gardener Relief Jeffries, who looked at his beer and said, \"it\'s always the same.
No one is willing to help the small entrepreneur.
Can you imagine how fast strawberries turn into corn porridge in hot weather?
Okay, I\'ll tell you: there\'s no time at all.
Blink of an eye and you miss strawberries when everyone wants them.
You ask Douban people how hard it is to get the damn stuff to the city before it\'s lame like a second --day sermon.
We should petition the government!
\"No,\" said his cousin.
\"I have had enough.
Let\'s write to the newspaper!
This is the way to get things done.
Everyone is complaining about the problems of fruits, vegetables and seafood.
Should Let Vetinari understand the dilemma of small-
Time entrepreneur
After all, why do we pay taxes occasionally?
\"Dick Sinnar is ten years old and back to the family blacksmith at sheperidge, his father just disappears into a mass of stove parts and flying metal, all surrounded by pink steam
He was never found in the terrible smoke of the heat and humidity, but on that day, the young Dick sinnell swore that whatever his father left in the boiling steam, he would
His mother had other ideas.
She is a midwife, as she said to her neighbors, \"Babies are born everywhere.
I will never be without a customer.
So Elsie Simel, contrary to his son\'s will, decided to take him away from what she now considers haunted.
She tidied up their stuff and they went back together to her home near Sto Lat where people would not somehow disappear into a pink cloud.
Soon after they arrived, something important happened to her son.
One day, while waiting for his mother to return from a difficult labor, Dick walked into a building that looked interesting and turned out to be a library.
At first he thought it was full of pousse\'s things, all kings, poets, lovers and battles, but in a vital book he found a world called mathematics and numbers
That\'s why, one day, about ten years later, he pulled together every fiber in his life and said, \"Mother, you know, when I said last year that I was going to ubowald Mountain with my friends, right? . ? . ? . ? sort of? . ? . ? . ?
It\'s just a small lie, please pay attention. \" Dick blushed.
\"You see, I found the key to dad\'s old shed, well, I went back to Sheepridge and did some experiments ,\"-
He looked anxiously at his mother.
I think I know what you did wrong.
Dick was prepared to face strong opposition, but he did not consider the problem of tears. so many tears—
When he tried to comfort her, he added, \"you, mother, and uncle Flavius gave me education, and you let me know the numbers, including the arithmetic and strange things that Efbe\'s philosophers came up with, even camels can do numbers on their toes.
Dad doesn\'t know about this thing.
He had the right idea, but he didn\'t? . ? . ? . ? tech-nol-ogy right.
At this point Dick allowed his mother to speak, and she said, \"I know there is nothing to stop you, our dick, you are as stubborn as your stubborn father.
Is that what you did in the barn? Teck-ology?
She looked at him with accusations and then sighed.
\"I know I can\'t tell you what to do, but you tell me: your \'recorder-
Why stop you from walking your poor old father?
She began to cry again.
Dick took out a thing from his jacket that looked like a little wand, which could have been done for a miniature wizard, and he said, \"Mom, this will keep me safe!
I already know the sliding rules!
I can tell the sine what to do, and again, I can tell the sine and work out the tangents of the t \'quaderatics!
Come on Mom, don\'t worry, go to the barn with me now.
You must have a look. \"Mrs.
Simnel was reluctantly dragged by her son into the big open-air barn that he had equipped like Sheepridge\'s workshop, hoping that her son would accidentally find himself a girl.
In the barn, she looked helplessly at a large circle of metal that covered most of the floor.
The metal stuff roared back and forth on the metal, sounding like a squirrel in a cage, sending out a scent much like a camphor tree.
\"Mom, here she is.
Isn\'t she a champion?
Said Dick happily.
\"I call her Tieliang!
\"But what is this, son ? \"
He grinned and said, \"This is what they say. to-type, Mother.
You have to have a major. to-
Please enter if you would like to be an engineer.
His mother smiled tactfully, but Dick did not stop.
The words just came out.
\"The problem is, mom, before you try owt, you have to get to know something about what you want to do.
A book I found in the library was about being an architect.
In that book, the person who wrote the book said that before he built the next big \"house\", he always made very small models to understand how it all worked out.
It sounds fidgety, he said, but it\'s the only way out to take it slowly and thoroughly.
So I\'m slowly testing to see what works and what doesn\'t.
In fact, I am very proud of Mason.
I made t\' track wooden in the beginning, but I thought the engine I wanted was very \"eavy\" so I chopped t\' wood circle for firewood and went back\"Mrs.
Simnel looked at the little machine running around the barn floor and said in the voice of a person who was really trying to understand, \"Eee, lad, but what did it do?
\"Well, I remember when dad said he looked at the kettle boiling and noticed that the lid moved up and down as the pressure increased, and he told me that one day, someone will make a kettle larger than the lid of the kettle.
Mom, I believe I know how to make a proper kettle.
\"What good is that, my child ? \"
His mother said harshly.
She looked at the light in her son\'s eyes and he said, \"everything, mother. Everything.
\"Madam, still in the haze of a slight misconception.
Simnel watched him open a big, dirty piece of paper.
\"Mom, this is the blueprint.
You have to have a blueprint.
It shows you how everything is combined.
\"Is this part of the pro ? \"to-type?
The boy looked at the face of his doting mother and realized that there should be more explanation.
He took her hand and said, \"Mom, I know they\'re all lines and circles for you, but once you know the circles, the lines and everything, you know, this is a picture of the engine. \"Mrs.
Simnel grabbed his hand and said, \"our dick, what do you think you\'re going to do?
The young Simnel grinned and said happily, \"Mom, change things as needed. \"Mrs.
Simnel looked at her son or two curiously and then seemed to come to a reluctant conclusion and said, \"my child, you come with me.
She took him back to the house and they climbed the ladder into the attic.
She pointed out to her son that the chest of a strong sailor was covered with dust.
\"Your grandfather gave me this for you when I thought you needed it. Here\'s the key.
\"He didn\'t catch it, and she was pleased that she did take a closer look at the suitcase before opening it.
When he pushed the lid open, a trace of gold suddenly filled the air.
\"Your grandfather was a bit like a pirate, and then he got a religious belief, a little scared, and the last sentence he said to me before he died was,\" that young man will do something one day, you remember my words, our Elsie, but if I knew what it was going to be, I \'d die.
\"The people in the town are very used to the jingle and explosion from the various blacksmith forging known in the area every day.
It seems that although he has set up his own forging factory, the young Simnel decided not to enter the forging industry, which may be due to the terrible business of Mr.
Simnel Senior left the world so suddenly.
The local blacksmith quickly got used to the young Mr. Smith making mysterious items.
Simnel drew the sketch carefully.
He never told them what he was building, but they didn\'t mind because they made a lot of money.
Of course, the news of his legacy came through-
Gold will always find a way out in some way
One of the oldest inhabitants of the population, sitting on a bench outside the tavern, said, \"Well, boo me!
The young man was blessed in the golden wealth inherited and turned it into a pile of old iron!
\"He smiled, and the others laughed, but they continued to watch the young Dick simsnell go in and out of the wicket of his almost abandoned old barn
Padlock at any time.
Simnel has found several local lads who help him with things and move around.
Over time, the barn was expanded by many other sheds.
More young men are taken away and the hammer is heard every day, and sometimes the message flows into what is called local consciousness.
Obviously, the young man made a pump, an interesting pump that pumped the water very high.
Then he threw everything away and said, \"We need more steel than iron.
\"When the young Simnel came up with a wonderful\" career \", there was a lot of paper on the table, which he said.
Admittedly, there are occasional explosions, and then people hear what the lads call the bunker, which is useful on several occasions when there is a little bit of an explosion? . ? . ? . ? incident.
Then it\'s unfamiliar, but somehow the home and the rhythmic \"plop\" noise.
It\'s really a pretty pleasant noise, almost hypnosis, which is weird because the mechanical creature that makes the noise sounds more active than you think.
In the local area, it was noted that the two principal colleagues of the gentleman
Simnel, which is the \"crazy iron\" Simnel that some people call him now, seems to have changed and matured --
Realize yourself;
Young people, followers of mysterious things behind the door.
A bribe from a woman in a beer or bar will not allow them to give up the precious secrets of the barn.
They now command themselves like the owner of the stove.
Then, of course, there were sunny days when young Simnel and his companions dug long lines in the fields next to the barn and filled them with metal, while the stove flashed day and night, everyone shook his head and said, crazy.
\"The situation continues, and it seems to last forever, until it ends forever, and so does the knock, jingle, and smelting. Then Mr.
Simnel\'s deputies pulled the two doors of the big barn aside, filling the world with smoke.
This part of Sto Lat rarely happens, which is enough for people to run.
Most of them arrived in time to see East and West coming towards them, panting, steaming and fast
Spinning wheels and oscillating rods appear and disappear strangely in smoke and smoke, and most importantly, like a king of smoke and flame, Dick sinnell, his face was twisted with a concentrated effort.
This thing is obviously controlled by humans, which is a bit reassuring --
Although the onlookers are more considerate, they may also add \"what about that?
So it was a spoon, \"he was ready to run away when steaming, dancing, spinning, reciprocating engines cleaned the barn and fell off the track laid in the fields.
Bystanders, most of them now bystanders, in some cases bystanders, who run away and complain, except, of course, for little boys of any age, who follow it with his eyes wide open, swear that one day he will be the captain of a terrible harmful engine, oh yes.
Prince of steam!
Master Spark!
The driver of thunder!
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