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RCCZ Wooden Door Breakthroughs in Environmental Protection

RCCZ Wooden Door Breakthroughs in Environmental Protection


With the improvement of the peoples environmental awareness, traditional oil paint wooden door product faces big concussion, new-style and low pollution water-based paint wooden door occupies the market gradually, "oil changes into water" become general trend.


What's the smell of home? Is it the smell of food in the kitchen, the smell of sunshine after the quilt is dried, or the smell of time in the old house? However, no matter be which kind of home smell, absolutely cannot have acrid paint flavour nor the peculiar smell on the decorative materials.


Focusing on the "unscented" of water-based lacquered wooden doors and the "smell of home" that consumers yearn for, and advocating the natural life of "the door is odorless and the family is fragrant" in the new era., water-based painted wooden doors hit the odour home improvement products hardly. Water-based lacquered wooden doors is non - toxic and non - irritating gas, let the life return to nature.


However, there are also many voices pointing out: Does water-based paint only an apple of sodom? If its too blindly adored by the people? Can water-based paint really replace the oil-base paint?


The most fundamental difference between water-based paint and oil-base paint is that the former diluent is water and the latter is organic solvent. Because water and organic solvents are different things, it determines the performance of the corresponding coatings is very different, and also leads to technological differentiation.


The water-based paint film is full, crystal clear, flexible and resistant to water, abrasion proof, ageing resistant, anti yellowing and quick-drying. Compared to other types of coatings wooden doors, water-based paint wooden doors do not emit VOCs, which is a more environmentally friendly door.


In 2019, RCCZ wooden doors fully promoted the project of changing the oil-base paint into water-based, and adjusted the original UV primer PU finish paint into the UV primer water-based paint as finish paint. There is no VOCs emission, no irritating paint taste, and the product is healthier and more environmentally friendly.


The debut of water-based paint wooden door was tantamount to a technological magic trick.

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