real estate entrepreneur don peebles is still building on his success

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On Labor Day weekend, Don Peebles, a native of Washington, founder and chairman of billions
Dollar real estate development company, in his 10-
Kerry Manor is here.
The former whaling village is part of Hampton, New York, a wealthy beach community on Long Island that has attracted wealthy summer residents for decades.
In the background of violinist at the serenade Juilliard School of Music, a group of celebrities and corporate executives mixed up under a illuminated tent
The iron gate enters through an Oak Alley.
The fundraiser is for the benefit of special equestrian athletes, an organization that provides treatment for horseback riding and horseback riding --
Auxiliary scholarships for disabled children and veterans, including after paralysis and disability
Trauma Stress Disorder
Peebles and his wife, Katrina, are attracted to charity, in part because their teenage daughter, Chloe, likes to ride a horse.
The 58-year-old, who is the son of a mechanic, said: \"It\'s a lot of work to organize, but it\'s a labor of love for us, he built a real estate empire, including a $5 billion portfolio of apartment projects, hotels and office buildings.
The event raised nearly $50,000 for charities, suggesting that Peebles rose from the common roots of Washington to power brokers in the elite social circle and the world of real estate competition.
The benefit also shows his home in the Hamptons.
He and his wife listed the properties for sale through Douglas Elliman for $10 million. The 7,140-square-
The foot house is designed with the convenience of the gilded era, such as the forging of French doors open
Balcony and Juliet of Versailles
Double stairs from the back of the home overlooking the neatly trimmed large lawn.
The apartment has 3 fireplaces, 1 swimming pool and 2 guest houses.
The couple bought six.
Bedroom home for $5 in 2007.
3 million, and said they plan to buy a smaller Hampton property closer to the ocean at the time of sale.
\"We \'ve built a life with our family in the Hamptons and are not planning to leave,\" said Peebles, who flew by helicopter from home Manhattan townhouse or private jet from their home in Washington and Florida to Port Sagar.
The property is more attractive than in the summer, when former public relations chief peepebles met in Washington and got married in 1992.
She is the principal and creative director of Peebles.
\"The fall in the Hamptons is more family time for us than social or party,\" she said . \" She recalls home softball and football games on the lawn.
\"We like to make Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner here,\" she said . \" She pointed to the large kitchen in France, which had a copper sink on the lower floor.
\"It is designed with the chef in mind, with two large islands, multiple ovens and counter space.
Peebles recently opened an office in the area by his 24-year-old son, R.
Donahue Peebles III
He said the company plans to invest $1 billion in Washington, D. C. C. market.
The company is about to break ground for nearly £ 250,000. square-foot mixed-
Use the project near Mount Vernon Triangle.
901 development in the fifth year
Northwest will include 176-
SLS Hotel, near 45-
Apartment building and 10,000 square feet of retail space.
As part of the approval for development, the company agreed to build 61 affordable housing unitssite. \"I have seen D. C.
Into a world.
The city is not just the capital of the country, \"he said.
\"There is more energy now, which makes it an important place for us to aim.
Peebles grew up in the Petworth community in the area until he was 8 and moved to Detroit with his mother after his parents divorced.
But the family eventually settled in the area.
After a year of preliminaries, he dropped out of Rutgers University.
Med Studies as a real estate agent and real estate appraiser.
Peebles\'s 19-year-old mother, who worked in the real estate industry after her divorce, gave him an early understanding of the industry.
His real estate experience caught the attention of the time. D. C.
Mayor Marion Barry appointed him as chairman of the city\'s real estate tax appeals board in 1984.
At the time, 24-year-old Peebles said that Berry\'s guidance benefited him a lot.
\"At that time, he opened the door for people like me, when the doors of opportunity for many African-Americans in Washington had been closedC. ,” he said.
In 1986, when he was in his early 20 s, Peebles began his career as a developer.
His first project was in a commercial office building in anakastia.
The bustling area that has endured years of neglect.
The project was a success that instantly made Peebles a millionaire.
It also led him to buy his first house: a row of properties worth $1 million at the embassy in the area.
Office for $48 million
Peebles moved to Miami in 1998.
He rebuilt the Crowne Plaza Royal Palms, a 420-
Guest rooms in Miami Beach became the first large hotel in the United States developed and owned by African-Americans.
His company is now one of the biggest black people.
Own real estate development companies in China.
Years of political and corporate relationships have driven the rise of Peebles.
Congressional page for internship in high school-U. S. Reps. Ron Dellums (D-Calif. )and Charles B. Rangel (D-N. Y. )
Peebles became an employee assistant at the time. Rep.
Little John Conyers(D-Mich. )before college.
Peebles used his influence and wealth.
Forbes magazine estimates more than $0. 7 billion.
Raise money for politicians, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
He has twice served on President Obama\'s national treasury board as former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.
Peebles, the author of two hot books on wealth and investment and a frequent visitor to cable television, is considering his own application for public office.
\"I have not ruled out politics,\" said Peebles . \".
\"I grew up in Washington. C.
My goal was set there, so I was engaged in politics all my life.
\"He is considering running for mayor of New York, a campaign he considered last year after consulting with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg\'s former Obama aide and pollsters.
\"My interest is only in a place where you can change, and I think it\'s at the CE level,\" he said . \".
Meanwhile, the pimbles are on holiday in the Hamptons.
The house was designed by Hampton architect Peter Cook, who built several celebrity residences on the east side.
Peebles was originally rented in 2004 and later purchased in 2007.
The layout of the room at home is \"very good and quite old\", says Katrina Peebles \".
The main floor includes a formal dining room with French doors, living room, solarium and a large foyer on both sides.
The living room is furnished with interior designer Todd Heather and includes two gray mohair sofas.
\"I call it the Orange Room,\" Katrina said . \" He refers to the wall drawn in orange tones.
She recently turned the space into a TV room after hiding a plasma TV disguised as art above the fireplace.
\"The interior style reflects a clean, very modern feeling,\" she said . \".
In the foyer, walk through the double French entrance door and see the courtyard and garden behind the main house.
A huge charcoal stroke hangs on a small antique table between two French tables
The chair in style covers the fabric of Scalamandre.
\"The decoration is that I have a lot of fun on the scale and the pattern,\" she said . \".
The solarium leads directly to the rear deck and garden.
Because considering the indoor and outdoor life, the couple used the space for entertainment.
The solarium was recently redecorated by designer Jonathan Adler, including the Baxter sofa.
Katrina said she took a whole set of French silk.
\"There are covered armchairs and sofas because someone complains about the lack of comfort.
\"Full playroom-
Length, handmade pool table on the lower floor of the home.
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