Real wood door and what is the difference between wenqi door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-09
Now more and more people attach importance to environmental protection, use wood in succession, in order to meet the demand of people, appeared on the market of various types and styles of wooden door, wooden door manufacturer today take you know about the real wood door and what is the difference between wenqi door? Real wood door is chosen natural log wood integrated timber, chosen are rare wood, after processing the finished product with no deformation, corrosion resistance, no crack and heat insulation, etc. Wenqi door is not need to paint the door in the surface of wooden door, it is the solid wood composite door or moulded door outside with PVC cover vacuum plastic processing technology. Real wood door of high hardness, good gloss, not changeful form, anti-aging, non-toxic and tasteless, moth-proofing, moistureproof, full of artistic feeling, is the environmental health of green products. Wenqi door has a variety of colors, more modern and individual character and green environmental protection requirements, its construction period is short, a molding, paint free, can avoid other adornment material of paint after sending out toxic gases harm to human body. But wenqi door also has its disadvantages, though its price is cheap, but in the process of using easily influenced by environment, highly vulnerable to moisture, temperature and deformation and cracking, as according to the different quality of wenqi door manufacturer quality is uneven, some wenqi door at first in the bonded area there will be cracks, but the surface is not easy to see, use for a period of time crack is larger; On the other hand wenqi door PVC film on the surface of the easy peeling, brush touch would be easy to drop a piece of a little, and there is no way to repair. Therefore, the real wood door compared with wenqi door, it was better to choose real wood door, but it's also need conditions permit.
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