Real wood door how to install?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-07

real wood door adornment effect is very good, is the first choice for many families, solid wood composite painting door today real wood door manufacturer to tell you about how to install?

1, before installation, it was to pass the necessary moistureproof, anticorrosive processing.

2, door cover assembly, find out the door and set plate, according to the number on the back for a good joint mouth, mouth to be on the same plane, on interfaces with glue.

3, the installation of the door, put the door covers the whole of assembly firmly in the doorway, with small wooden door cover is more or less fixed good, near the door on both sides to the wall in the same plane, and then check the door covers the overall is vertical with the ground, door cover whether the two Angle of roof and promulgation and board rectangular, door cover with or without vertical plate bending on both ends of the iron turn, make it cover the walls.

4, the installation of the door leaf, first open hinge groove, hinge slot from opposite sides of the door leaf with 1/10 of the door leaf highly advisable.

5, the installation of the door lock, lots to check whether the doors, door lock switch is flexible, whether seam is flexible, seam is conformed to the specification.

6, the installation of the door line, will take right edge of the door line cut in 45 degree Angle, with a carpenter's plane, square edge insert the door cover slot, and emulsion will be glued down the door and door cover plate.

that is solid wood composite door manufacturer of the lacquer that bake to share real wood door installation, hope to help you, want to know more related content.

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