Real wood door installed needs to be checked?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-19

a lot of people in the home to install the real wood door, solid wood door installation need to do some inspection, solid wood composite painting door below installed real wood door manufacturer to you talk about what needs to be checked?

1, the door the dumb mouth of inspection installation: the

1, the door cover material for the door plank is qualitative, choose to avoid is provided by the manufacturer on the market of pure density board, the material of environmental performance, nail biting force is insufficient, the long-term use of door may appear tilt sink phenomenon.

2, set of plate is fixed: there are many of the owners to set of the fixed plate is not yet clear, I don't know how is fixed, so when the wood they may monitor when installation does not reach the designated position. Set of plate between the three sides is fixed by screws, styrofoam is set between the plate and the hole wall to fixed, without using a nail.

3, door cover, horizontal box and mullion connection: the door between the transverse frame and mullion is linked together, to reach close cracks, level off, without dislocation of the standard; Mullion between transverse box, into 90 ° Angle, sets the space between the plate and the wall can be fixed by means of wedge.

4, boards, and the adjustment of the metope between: cable to hammer to further adjust the boards and the verticality of metope, ground, to ensure that the horizontal version with vertical plate with metope ground is vertical, respectively.

5, after vertical adjust good boards, to use styrofoam, and poles, the boards and between the mouth of the cave can be fully bonding, more strong. After 30 minutes advisable under the poles.

, door leaf fixed after inspection, we now call logs, refers to the wooden door at the bottom of this, it plays the function of protection. It can avoid the wood paint was rubbed off, in the process of handling placed doors when loading off.

2, pay attention to monitoring the depth of the slot, the depth should be consistent with the thickness of the single chip hinge. After installed the door, on both sides of the hinge is as flat as the edge of the door and door cover. In addition also note that the screw cannot tilt, if screw tilt, or close the door after the hinge between mutual extruding problem, which affect the service life of the hinge.

3, hinges on both sides of the specification, the door can be directly with screws on the side of, and fully in place. And on the side of the door, can be on the first two screws, as for the rest of the two can end up on again, to avoid the hinge position have a little deviation, is convenient to adjust. After, to pay attention to check on the door leaf and frame, side frame, the gaps between the situation on the ground, the gap is too big or too small, have to adjust the hinges again.

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