refurbished eden terrace character properties

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-22
Two extensive conversions and rewards
The award-winning character property at the Eden Terrace in Auckland offers attractive showrooms, studios, and office space for sale either individually or together.
Cam Paterson of Barfoot & Thompson villcial said: \"Neither of these properties will be rented next year . \" He, along with his colleague Rex Fowler, is marketing 35 & 37 Virginia Avenue East and the tender closes at two o\'clock P. M. on Tuesday, August 29.
\"They each have a total of 99 7 m² free ownership and have a central city edge location with a commercial mix
\"In the partial implementation of the overall plan in Auckland, zoning and 18 m height limits are used,\" said Patterson . \".
\"They are an ideal buyer for owners, investors or developers who look at the potential of the future while creating a total holding income of $143,640,\" he said . \".
\"The building at 35 Virginia Avenue is award-winning --
Composed of a single-story studio and office designed by one of the most respected architects in the country.
The building, formerly a warehouse, has been expanded and extensively renovated to become a New York style specialty property with open truss ceilings, lots of natural light and private courtyards.
\"The whole 320.
A building with an area of 372sq m and four parking lots are rented to luxury women\'s designer Xin express Design Co. , Ltd. for a rent of $71,000 per year plus a three-month GST
Renewal due on June 1, 2018.
\"All the fees paid by the tenant --
\"They have a two-year renewal right but have given written notice that they do not intend to renew the lease,\" Patterson said . \".
The 1-storey building is constructed of 1960 concrete foundations, floors and block columns supporting RSJ truss beams and wooden pur bars.
The floor was covered with carpet and cork bricks.
The carpentry is made of aluminum and the roof of the building is galvanized steel.
The Bolt height of the building is 3.
Up to 92 m on the 5 side. 06 m at the vertex. The fit-
Currently consists of three large studios or showrooms that are subdivided by walls lined with plasterboard, connecting large double doors.
There are two meeting rooms or offices with sunroof at the back of the hotel, plus a quality kitchen, two toilets
One had a porcelain vanity with a large mirror on it, and the other had a shower.
The mezzanine floor suitable for storage enters through steep steel stairs, and the bolt height varies between 0. 8m and 1.
The exterior wall rises to about 2 metres. 1m at the apex.
Outside the courtyard is brick with two separate entrances, one is in the center of the front of the hotel through double doors and the other is the original office entrance
Curved wall finish.
Next door to Virginia Avenue 37, the 625sq m corner facing the northwest direction of freehold website is also occupied by 194.
Single story character studio and office building with 6 square meters.
Previously, the warehouse retained many original features with a total rent of $72,640 per year.
Five of the 15 parking lots were rented to Fergus Software Limited, the Software company responsible for job management, until February 14.
Fergus software pays $49,240 a year for rent, and all outgoing software has a two-year renewal right in addition to the interest rate, but also gives written notice of not renew.
The other 10 parking lots were rented to ocs nz Limited for $23 per year, as of May 31, 2018.
Flooded with natural light, the current health of the building
There are two larger open areas outside, as well as several meeting rooms or sub-venues.
The central passage leads to the rear where the kitchen and toilet facilities are located.
Fowler said the door post of the property is 3.
Two metres on both sides rose to three metres.
98 m at the apex, suitable for living and working arrangements.
\"For concrete foundations and concrete block walls that support steel beams and wooden pur strips with galvanized steel roof, it is enhanced by open truss ceilings, polished wood floors and feature windows,\" he said . \".
Thanks to the recent zoning allowance, the central Eden Terrace area has become a popular area, Fowler said
The hotel is ideally located just 2 km south of Auckland CBD and only 220 from Basque road sanctuary.
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