remains of jonestown mass-suicide victims found in delaware

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-14
Discovery of darkness. .
The former funeral home found the remains of nine dead people.
Source: bodies of nine victims who committed suicide in a group of 1978
The murder in Jonestown, Guyana, took place at a former funeral home in Delaware.
The National Forensic Department has taken over the remains found at the former Dover funeral home and is working to identify and inform relatives, the agency and Dover police said in a statement.
On November 18, 1978, gunmen of the People\'s Temple cult ambushed and killed California politician Leo Ryan, three journalists and a defector at a remote jungle airstrip.
Report on abuse of authority by investigating members.
Cult leader Jim Jones then planned a ceremony of mass murder and suicide in the agricultural commune near the temple, ordering followers to drink --
Punch the grapes.
Although survivors described some people being shot dead, injected with poison or forced to drink a deadly drink while trying to resist, most of them obeyed. Mass suicide . . .
Hundreds of bodies were scattered around the Jonestown commune in Jonestown, Guyana, where more than 900 members of the People\'s Temple committed suicide.
Source: after the death of APAfter, the bodies of 911 victims of the massacre were taken to Dover Air Force Base, where the US military\'s largest morgue is located.
Many bodies were broken down and could not be identified.
Before the Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, California stepped forward in 1979 to receive 409 bodies, several cemeteries refused to accept them.
The rest of the victims were cremated or buried in a family cemetery.
On Thursday, Dover\'s shabby former funeral home had a padlock on the double front door.
Although the glass at the entrance is engraved with floral patterns, the building shows little sign of previous use.
Dead vines hung on the white plaster wall of the building, and broken windows were repaired with blue tape.
The torn carpet and damaged title can be seen inside.
After returning, beer and soda cans, crushed coal muck and empty cigarette boxes were scattered on the ground.
There are two areas where the soil is disturbed and each area is about the size of a child wading pool.
The grass grew too much, reaching 10 inch in some areas.
Last week, after the remains of 38 containers were found, Delaware agency responded to a request to inspect the former funeral home. Thirty-
Three containers were marked and identified.
They range from about 1970 to 1990, including the remains of jonesown. Cult leader . . .
Pastor Jim Jones, pastor of the San Francisco People\'s Temple.
Source: On Wednesday, Delaware authorities also conducted an \"exploratory excavation\" of the former funeral home after finding loose and compacted soil areas for other unclaimed cremated remains.
They found an arrow, two animal bones, a shell and a charcoal fire.
Searchers also found several bronze cemetery markers for late veterans who served through the Vietnam War during World War I.
In early 1970, Jones managed the People\'s Temple in San Francisco.
He built a free health clinic and a drug rehabilitation program that eventually became a political force.
In 1976, he became chairman of the San Francisco Housing Authority.
But with more allegations of misconduct, Jones moved the settlement to the only British, Guyana.
A country in South America.
The cult leader believes he will not be persecuted by the media and police there.
In an effort to seek socialist and racial harmony, hundreds of followers moved to jonesown.
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