renovation transformation: wellington west fixer-upper gets a complete makeover

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-03
Usually, the first house of a family cannot be the home of their dreams.
Whether it\'s due to financial complications or can\'t find a house that suits your desires, sometimes the only action is to buy lessthan-
The ideal home in a good neighborhood makes it worth it.
For some people, invest in a fixed thing.
It\'s a good place to go.
After a while, you can renovate the house and transform it into your dream house.
For a young couple in the West End of Wellington, this is a matter of both inside and outside.
Their original house, though a lovely block on Granville Avenue, has a very traditional floor plan.
Every room felt inaccessible and closed from the start of the next room.
The front door leads to an intrusive staircase with no counter space in the kitchen and no working space and cosmetic surgery on the outside.
The space is really there and has the potential to be transformed into something grand, but it takes a lot of work.
The Amsted Design building stepped in to help the young couple turn an unrealistic home into a family built for entertainment.
The function and practical use of space is the most important.
Amsted\'s solution is to create a unique space from the front door.
Amested created a pass throughand-
Visually expand the space by looking from the foyer to the backyard.
Added an open staircase with solid hardwood floors added to the feeling of being spacious.
There is now a large island in the kitchen with casual seating and access to the terrace and terrace garden.
The restaurant features a checkered ceiling and a stone fireplace with a custom hood.
The corridor between the two is a butler\'s storage room with a glass storage room, wine refrigerator and service counter.
Vibrant Paint colors occupy the interior of the house, giving a bright and pleasant feeling while reflecting the owner\'s personality, with floors spread all over tropical walnuts and stone bricks.
The exterior of the House has also undergone its own transformation.
The original brick was removed, replaced with stone, and then prefabricated boards, slats and wooden tile siding were added to unify the old home and the new additions.
Finally, the home has a unique cohesiveness that extends from the outside to the inside.
Amsted helped a young couple turn a traditional family with a cabin feel and a unique roof into an amazing \"craft \"--
Inspired by new stones, walls, fully functional bars and welcoming walnut artisans --
Style front door.
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