renovations roundup: these hotels look better than ever

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-09
The hotel industry is booming and new hotels are emerging across the United States.
As a result, existing properties are being renovated in order to keep up with the progress.
This month, usa today will make a significant renovation of the hotel.
JW Marriott New York Essex is located in the south of Manhattan Central Park, and the iconic JW Marriott New York Essex has completed a $38 million renovation of 426 rooms, 101 suites and corridors.
The restoration maintains the Art Deco style and decoration style of the building, which is recognized for the 1930 th anniversary of the hotel\'s opening.
The carpet pattern is geometric, but muted with a more modern charcoal and cream palette.
The furniture finish is simple.
Dark Oak, polished chrome, bronze and white paint.
The bathroom has a smooth black vanity.
\"Our newly designed guest rooms and suites reflect our long history in the south of Central Park and shift to a brand new modern style,\" said hotel general manager John Riman . \".
The hotel also has a newly designed executive lounge, which is open 24 hours a day.
An hour fitness center and a restaurant and bar overlooking the park.
Hotel has 16 meeting rooms and executive meeting roomsinspired 3,800-square-
Full-size sand dragon and art deco suite for up to 125 people.
Since its opening in 1931, the hotel has received many dignitaries and celebrities.
From 1969 to 1984, Marriott International managed the hotel for the first time.
Became the first JW Marriott brand hotel in New York City in September 2012. The Ritz-
The Ritz-Carlton ClevelandThe
Hotel Carlton Cleveland has been completed 18-
Monthly renovations to 206 guest rooms and public spaces include the addition of a new dining room and lounge with a transfer to the Bar kitchen.
Guest rooms and suites now have a clean blue, tan and gray color palette to complement Lake Erie, which can be seen from many places in the hotel.
Rotation roster of local artists will present their work in the 7 th exhibitionfloor gallery.
But there will be local art in all public spaces.
With the arrival of the new street level and the arrival of the sixth, the public space has been reconfigured
It is also a floor lobby for parties and nightlife.
The most dynamic core fitness centerto-
Date equipment such as bicycles and fitness facilities from swigym and Pelotonon-
The demand wall for virtual fitness courses is provided.
Private coaches are available.
There is also an ice bar.
For dining, TURN comes in an open design with leather and fabric seats, a glowing onyx stone bar and a window facing the city center.
LINKS is another cooking meeting space that provides a kitchen for groups, wedding parties and culinary show lovers. The Ritz-
The Carlton Club Lounge was remodeled.
The guest room bathroom has a shower with a sitting chair and a bathtub with a shower wand.
Hilton updates hotels in Boston and New York 344-
Hilton Boston Woburn has completed a $16 million renovation, including a Spanish snack bar called Matadora.
Inspired by the historic local footwear and leather --
Manufacturing industry.
For example, there is an inspection in the lobby-
On the table, display artifacts and accent walls inspired by blanoke shoe measuring devices.
Custom wood available in Matadora
Grill for making dishes like Vermont
A Spaniard on New York Avenue.
Delicious grass Burger and rare yellowfin tuna.
There are also tapas such as Spanish meat, cheese, olives and Basque street corn.
The restaurant has a terrace with fire pit and recliner.
Other seats include leather banquets and stools at the chef\'s counter.
The hotel also features a rivet room with a pool table and leather armchair overlooking the indoor pool.
The newly renovated event space is 18,000 square feet.
\"The hotel has been completely transformed and is actually a new hotel that should attract business and leisure travelers as well as communities seeking fashion, technology
Experience moving forward in a great location, \"said Mark Gordon, head of Rubicon Inc.
The property was developed with Davis.
Meanwhile, 1,907-
Hilton New York Midtown hotel has completed three superior suites overlooking Central Park on the 40 th and 41 th floors. The 3,700-square-
There are about 10 rooms in the presidential suite at Foot.
With gallery and foyer, living room and lounge area, media room, game room with custom made
Pool table, restaurant, bar, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom.
Corner suites are located between 1,820 square feet and 2,180 square feet.
Includes foyer, living room, dining room, bar and master bedroom with main bathroom including black claws
Bathtub, marble walls and tiles.
There are three iterations in this suite.
The 1,600-square-foot linear suite is inspired by the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art.
Geometric art is everywhere.
Suite includes foyer, living room, media room, dining area and bar, and master bedroom with hexagon tile main bathroom.
Knights Inn Virginia Beach is a historic hotel in Virginia Beach, which will cost US $75 million-
Plus recovery
Built in 1927, the hotel was inspired by Monticello, Thomas Jefferson.
It is listed on the national list of historical places of interest.
It plays hosts in 10 USS.
Presidents and celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Doris Day, Mohammed Ali and Frank Sinatra.
This is also the venue for Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller\'s performances in the big band era.
The hotel will have 85 standard rooms and suites.
This is actually less than the original design of 195 rooms.
Rooms are reconfigured to provide larger rooms.
Norfolk architects
Headquartered in Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas wants to keep the original New
Classic features.
They also kept the original windows on the first floor and in public space.
The work took hundreds of hours because most of it was done by hand.
\"All the careful repair work we are doing will definitely restore the property to its original charm and elegance,\" said Greg ratric, chief architect of the project . \".
\"But we have also added some modern elements to the design, and we feel that this will make the Knight once again a sought after modern resort.
\"The hotel will also have new public meeting space and a fullservice spa.
It will have one
Live winery with wine tasting rooms, tours, and the iconic Bourbon, gin and vodka of the Knights.
The historic Raleigh guest rooms will offer billiards, a game table and a drink car.
Hey, will be
Site restaurant with garden.
Reservations are accepted early next year.
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