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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-02
Kolkata: four men, all carrying guns, entered the office of a Park Street company that offered loans to replace gold and left about 30 minutes later, with more than 10 kg yellow metal worth Rs 2.
88 crore on Thursday afternoon
The boldness of the strike lies in the choice of time (
Busy working Day Afternoon)
And location-
Forever in the office
Downtown area-
There seems to be internal information and some detailed plans behind it;
The robbers know the exact location of all CCTV cameras, the exact location of the vault where gold is stored, the telephone line circuit of the office and all the other details needed to perform the strike precisely.
Police said the four men pointed their guns at the employees and customers and took their mobile phones. Disconnect the telephone line and CCTV connection, push these people into a room in the office, lock them from the outside, and then clean up a single vault in the office of inflynn finance, India, the first floor of a building located between 7-Park Circus
Crossroads and Park Street.
The modus operandi is surprisingly similar to the loot at the Baranagar office of Manappuram Finance Co. , Ltd. in December 30, when the robbers fled with nearly 30 kg gold ornaments worth more than 8 rupees.
CID arrested eight people earlier this month, but at least 13 others were at large.
\"Four men wearing shirts and trousers walked into the office on Thursday posing as customers.
At the reception they said they wanted to borrow the gold ornaments they had put in their bags.
One of them waited at the reception and the three were directed to the room of an officer who, when they sat down, took out their guns and pointed them at the staff, \"A police officer quoted a company official as saying.
According to the site, the robbers asked five employees and one customer to hand over the phone to one of them and forced all to sit together at the reception.
The shutter was pulled down, the telephone line was disconnected, the CCTV line was cut off, the alarm to send a panic signal to the local police station was lifted, and all prohibited employees were locked.
The men pointed a gun at an employee, Md Alam, and asked him to open the vault containing gold and cash.
They then emptied the vault, took him hostage, and took him to the first floor of the office, where they pushed him to the ground, bolted a wooden door, possibly running away in the car.
Officials told police that the robbers even took the hard drive to shoot CCTV footage before they escaped.
The robbers attacked at about 3.
At 30, few customers usually visit the office.
A Beniapukur police officer said that a cctv that the robbers missed took some images and there was a camera in the bank.
The police are checking their clues.
\"We are also asking about other occupants of the building,\" the official added . \".
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