romania: count on transylvania

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-12
Our guide, Radu, warned us at the airport to say goodbye: \"bring a piece of Romania, maybe not as some people see it . \".
Romanians are concerned that the world\'s view of them is one of Dracula and Ceausescu.
Myth and Reality.
This is a country with medieval castles, stunning forts and outstanding beauty.
It was originally conquered by the Roman Empire and known as dasia, and it was divided into three major regions in the subsequent centuries
Transivania, MORDA Vija and Vara.
Transivania lost to Hungary in the 10 th century and did not recover until the end of World War II.
From 1967 to 1989, Romania suffered a great deal under the communist regime of ziescu.
Our guide shared his memories with us and his family lined up for dinner all night.
Grandparents who have retired will queue up at night to buy food such as sugar, and children or parents will take over at five in the morning.
In 1989, ziescu, who was overthrown and executed with his wife, Irina, is now ruled by a Democratic state.
We arrived in Budapest on a blue plane and our base is right in the Concord Hotel in the city center.
Coming out of the back door, you are in the middle of the old buzzing place in the city.
Bucharest has the world\'s second largest administrative building after the Pentagon.
The Palace of Parliament is very large, with 15 floors, five of which are underground.
Ceausescu ordered the construction in 1983, and unfortunately he cleared most of the old town to achieve that.
Still, the old town is beautiful.
Arcade streets with art galleries and antique shops;
The arch showcases an outdoor restaurant, just in another corner of the Russian Orthodox monastery, with a beautiful courtyard.
We had a meal at Hanul lui Manuc with a lot of traditional food and entertainers.
The rich soup, caramel Lamb and the most delicious chocolate cake are wonderful introductions to Romanian cuisine.
Our trip is to take us from Budapest, through transivania and lujah-
Napoka, the unofficial capital of the region.
It was a great trip.
I thought you had to rent a car, but in fact we met an Irish couple on the trip who traveled by train from town to town and were happy with their decision.
Our first port of call was Sinaya ski resort.
The journey from Bucharest takes us through the cumbashien mountains, past Tirol-
Style house with wooden blinds and balcony, through the most charming countryside.
Very high mountain view.
The Castle of pelts is amazing.
Gothic style, built in 1873 (
Redesigned in 1914)
As the summer palace of King Carol one and his wife Elizabeth.
Guest rooms: There are 170 guest rooms offering paintings, wood carvings and luxurious furniture.
It is also the first castle in Europe to have electricity, central heating and vacuum cleaning systems --
Work continues today. The 52ft-
The high sliding glass roof above the gorgeous reception hall allows light to flood.
There are thousands of weapons in the Armory Hall.
Elizabeth is very interested in music and her music room is still intact.
The table in the restaurant has space for 36 people.
She also loves writing and has created about 40 novels under the name Carmen Silva.
These books are one of the many books in the library.
And then to Bran Castle.
Vlad teepps or Vlad de la Kurl have never actually lived here, but it is thought that he was hijacked by Hungarians here for a while.
The Castle Heights are situated on a rock ledge, adding to the atmosphere.
Queen Mary, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England, uses it as her summer residence and is now a museum.
Romania is full of charming small villages, and horses and carriages are still the means of transport for farmers.
Christian is such a village, we stayed in the surrounding resort for a night.
An oasis at the back of a wooden arch door with quirky rooms and hand made
Furniture and comfortable feel.
Then it\'s in Bradford.
Another beautiful city
In the 13 th century, it was colonised by the Germans, and was the seat of the black church, the largest Gothic building in transivania, because 1689 of the fire burned its walls.
This is the heaviest bell in Romania, weighing 603 tons.
As early as the 1980 s, there were two large factories in the city that hired 70,000 people, and in 1987 it was the workers of those factories that organized a major protest against the rules of Ceausescu in Bradford.
Some people were shot dead, and a sculpture was built to commemorate the past 30 years.
A cable car can reach the top of Tampa and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city.
The village of Viscri went further along our journey, and Prince Charles was hanging out here when he came to transivania.
He is a regular visitor.
He had a lovely little blue house in the middle of the village, where cattle and chickens walked freely.
Time seems to be still.
It seems that when he visited, he was fascinated by transivania, its architecture and wild meadows, and now he has many guest houses in the area.
Gerhild, one of the remaining 15 Saxons in the village, was involved in the Lutheran fortified church in Viscara, where they still serve on a monthly basis.
She told us the rank of the congregation.
Men on the balcony and young married women behind the main church, you will go further in the church as you grow older.
I have to say that I will ask me to stay behind. For ever.
For lunch, it feels like someone\'s home, but it\'s actually a small restaurant called Viscri 125, which is great.
A tomato soup with delicious semolina dumplings floating inside, a sacred Musca, and then pancakes washed out with Romanian wine is what we need to continue our journey.
There are some great forts in the area.
The fortified church of Premer is very charming.
Families in each village have a small room with a wooden door inside in case they are besieged.
Wooden stairs connecting 272 rooms.
It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Rupea Citadel, which opened to the public in 2013, is another fortress that has been repaired.
This is a majestic basalt building located on the top of the mountain, which is said to have accommodated 400 people.
We stayed at the hotel of Count Kanoky, Miclosoara village.
As a veterinarian and aviologist, he recovered his home land after the 1989 revolution and worked on sustainable tourism and improving the lives of the locals.
He organized a horseback riding holiday, where you can cross the countryside and live in various local houses, and he also has a lot to do with Prince Charles.
The bedroom is equipped with trancivania antiques and beautiful old carpets, which is like in the well of the village where the old woman is filled with buckets and goes back in time.
An older gentleman rode past us on his Hornet in an angel of hell leather jacket.
Sijishvara is a beautiful town, and it is said that Vlad de la kul was born here.
The clock tower stands above the town with wooden patterns on it.
We climbed 176 steps of the 14 th century wooden staircase and came to the Gothic church on the mountain.
Our final destination and kluri-
Napoka is the third largest city in Romania with 70,000 students.
St. Michael\'s Church stands over the city at 249fthigh spire.
The stunning national theater and opera house building is lit at night and can accommodate 1,200 people.
Located on Emile Zola Street, the hotel has an outdoor cafe, a bar and a Street store.
We ate at the Zama restaurant and tasted the most delicious bowl of minced meat, freshly marinated cabbage, rice, onions, peppers and tomatoes.
As I waited for my blue sky flight back to Dublin from kluges, I realized I still had some thunder-
Local currency-
The girl in the store told me to keep them on my next trip.
I promised her I would. I mean it. Blue Air ()is a pan-
European airlines offer more than 100 flights to Europe and the Middle East.
The company currently has 9 Operating Bases
In Cyprus, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom.
The airline has received IOSA certification (
Operation safety audit of International Air Transport Association)
Official member of IATA
Blue Air connects Ireland and Romania from Dublin to Budapest, kluri and Baco.
The company, which owns a batch of Boeing 737 aircraft, announced this year to order 12 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft and 6 Next-Generation 737-
800 aircraft entering the fleet will begin in 2019.
The food is good and healthy.
Mici is a shredded meat roll, a mixture of pork, beef and lamb and spices.
Visit the wonderful Rhine azuca wine cellar, a former supplier of the Royal Court of Romania.
Many houses are painted in different colors and you will see the chickens giggling around the garden.
When farmers go to the market in a carriage, stalls on the side of the road sell onions and garlic.
In short, it is completely idyllic.
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