Runcheng shares the problem of maintaining solid wood doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-01
Whether it is a solid wood door or a solid wood composite door, there are wood components, and wood and other objects have the same characteristics of dry shrinkage and swelling. The wood logs used in the wooden door are natural, the degree of variation is specified to be more serious than that of synthetic materials. Moreover, the wooden door has a large area and few fixed points, so it is most prone to deformation and cracking. Runcheng chuangzhan wooden door factory reminds consumers of the precautions for using solid wood doors: 1. Before installation, products that are not painted, completely seal the base oil within 4 hours after unpacking. 2, whether it is before installation, due to size measurement errors, the wooden door needs to be trimmed, or the product that needs to be trimmed due to slight cracking, shrinkage and deformation during use, all must be handled or agreed by the distributor, otherwise the distributor and the factory will not assume any guarantee responsibility. 3. In order to prevent the door from hitting the wall when opening or closing the door, it is recommended to install the magnetic attraction horizontally behind the door in time. 4. When using the wooden door normally, do not hang heavy objects on the door or let the children hang on the door to play, so as not to shorten the service life. 5. When opening and closing the door, avoid using too much force or opening too much angle, which will not only damage the wooden door, but also hurt people in serious cases. 6. When starting the door, gently push it with your hand (Or pull) Wooden doors can also be impacted by hard objects to prevent damage to the paint protection layer of wooden doors.
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