Runcheng wooden door factory teaches you how to maintain wooden doors in winter

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-24
The weather is cold and the air is very dry in winter. Many families find that the wooden door of their home is actually cracked in winter. Some people think that this is a quality problem. If you find the manufacturer, the manufacturer will tell you that it is because you did not maintain the wooden door in winter. You may wonder if wooden doors need to be maintained? Yes, winter wooden door maintenance is very important. The following Guangdong wooden door manufacturers will introduce the methods to prevent wooden door cracking in winter. 1. Select wooden doors that are not easy to crack. Wooden doors are not easy to crack. In fact, they can be judged when picking doors. First look at the thickness, the appropriate thickness of the wooden door is 38mm-45mm, such doors are not easy to deform. Secondly, listen to the sound, the knocking sound of the wooden door is mellow and has texture, which shows that the material used to make the door is better, and good wood is certainly not easy to crack. 2. In winter, heating is often turned on indoors in the north, and the humidity is relatively low, which leads to a high difference between the moisture content inside and outside of the wooden door and is easy to crack. A basin of water or a variety of indoor plants can be placed at home, however, it is also crucial to grasp the humidity. Too much water is easy to cause the wooden door to be damp. 3. Use soft cotton cloth (Cotton cloth can be slightly moist, but not wet) , In order not to squeeze out water, and wipe along the texture of the wood, avoid wiping with alcohol and other chemical solvents or detergents, so as not to corrode the wooden door paint and cause the paint to crack. In order to avoid the phenomenon of dim and fading of wooden doors after using for a period of time, the wooden doors can be waxed regularly and other corresponding treatments. 4, junior high school students learn the principle of overheating and cold contraction, and the expansion coefficient of wood products will be more obvious when the temperature is high. The core of the solid wood composite door usually reserves a certain amount of space, which will not be too stressed during heating and extrusion, resulting in extrusion deformation. The above is the way to prevent cracking and deformation of wooden doors. The weather is dry in winter. Don't forget to replenish water to the wooden doors at home while replenishing water for yourself, prevent 'skin' cracking of wooden doors.
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