russell crowe\'s pap bike chase through new york city ends with a hug

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-15
Russell Croy sent a paparazzi on his life trip on Tuesday.
He is determined to get the perfect picture after Oscar when riding a bike on the streets of New York CityB.
Nicholas jumped twice.
Wheeler and end up riding 7.
7 miles from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
\"It all started around 10: 30 a. m. m.
While I was waiting outside Tribeca\'s hotel in CROI with five other photography enthusiasts, \"Nicholas recalled in a story he wrote for New York Daily News.
\"The double front door of the hotel opened, and Croy and his bodyguard shot out dramatically on a mountain bike and headed south on Greenwich Street.
\"Nicholas went on to describe how he jumped on his bike, crossed Battery Park, passed the Staten Island Ferry terminal, under the FDR Lane, then boarded the Manhattan Bridge and continued to chase Crowe.
\"Me and the other five.
\"The hueling photographer is following, but most people give up because they are tired,\" wrote Nicholas . \".
\"We have two left, and Crowe\'s bodyguard is trying to stop us.
\"The chase ended in the South Williamsburg movie, where CROI was filming his upcoming movie Noah.
\"You missed the best shot;
\"I just gave you a finger,\" Croy said jokingly to Nicholas as he entered his trailer.
Soon after, Croy came out, and to the surprise of Nichols, he hugged the man.
Later in the day, Crowe recalled his experience and wrote on Twitter: \"11.
6 km cycling to work, the morning ceremony was wiped out by paparazzi meditation peace. . . on bicycles . . .
Only in New Yorkers.
\"But he did notice it,\" it became a little interesting to take the 11 th, and of course it accelerated.
After 6 km 30 minutes I congratulated him that only 1 pap kept the speed.
\"Of course, this is not the first time Crowe has stepped on the pedal --to-pedal.
In 2009, the Gladiator star challenged an Australian journalist, and when she questioned the actor\'s exercise plan, she asked him to accompany him in one of his cars as he added him
Miles of bikes with cigarette rings and tacos.
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