seinfeld fan rips door off set in new york trying to be kramer

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-20
Fan fail . . .
Song Fei\'s cast of actors
Image: Supplier Source: Fans of News Limited broke a set of doors on a replica Seinfled set while trying to recreate Kramer\'s famous door entrance.
Tim mcguver said he was \"ashamed\" after the accident and was told \"you are f. . . ing kidding me?
Security guards are responsible. Kramer-inspired . . .
Song Fei\'s fan, Tim McGeever, was before he tore off the panel of Song Fei\'s set.
Image: YouTubeSource: SuppliedIt took place on a temporary set opened by US streaming website Hulu in New York, which included a complete
Entertainment in Jerry\'s Upper East Side apartment.
McGeever told The Hollywood Reporter about the moment before his Kramer.
Inspiration for the meltdown at the door.
\"When they bring you into the apartment, you have the option to go straight in, or if you want to get into the Kramer entrance, you just have to wait a few more minutes,\" McKiver said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
\"I think this is a great opportunity for me.
\"I have this idea in my head for some kind of distortion --slide move.
\"But the next thing I know is that I passed out and the security guard used dirty words and everyone\'s face was just a chin --dropped.
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