setting up a home office: the home depot vs. ikea

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-01
I went to Home Depot to challenge Ikea the other night.
In the process of setting up a home office, I would like to see if THD can provide me with better service.
The Ikea tablet packaging is so obvious.
No wonder there are so many \"hackers\" in Yijia \".
Heck, I even created a downloadable ideelik about how to \"upgrade\" Ikea.
I don\'t need any guidance at Home Depot.
For the Home Office, the first thing you need is a table.
You can make it perfect when you build your own.
What kind of table it should be is up to you.
You can make it narrower or wider than the \"standard.
\"It will depend on your exact needs and space constraints.
Your designer can choose materials, finishes and colors.
Home Depot offers all the components from scratch, and all the design decisions are entirely up to you.
Home Depot provides ingredients that you can combine according to your personal preferences.
You came up with your own unique solution! I love that.
Everything in your family can proudly represent who you are.
With a desk or table, the first thing to consider is the purpose of the worksheet.
Here are some options: thick solid maple, birch and red oak boards;
I can double.
I can also go with the hollow core door.
The next step is to explore the choice of various legs with the help of the Home Depot assistant, and I found some designated competitors, such as the ornate and streamlined 1 \"square wood leg variety.
Then he showed me the pins of various diameters.
Once he leaves to help others, I come across something called \"goth post.
\"There are also some options for natural gas pipelines ---
I like the color of the coating.
Galvanized fences of various diameters can also work.
I hope my family desk is on the castersIKEA and not even close. Home Depot has some viable storage solutions.
There is even a designated display here.
I like wooden cases.
They can also be set on casters.
I can combine the two of them and make a cart.
However, I can make my own bins and bookshelves with the same material as the table.
If it\'s made of plywood, I can take it over.
Or I can use solid wood board.
In this way, it will be a set of carefully considered compositions.
I think of other things.
I also need a place/Wall to arrange work in addition to the table and storage rack-in-
There is no problem with my home office.
Home Depot has rolls of natural cork.
There is also a kind of thing that is jagged --
On the ceiling
I can create a pin-
On my desk.
Well, it works.
I don\'t need instructions from Ikea.
I can use Home Depot as a springboard for my own creativity to build my home office. Do you agree?
I want to hear from you.
Maybe you can even share your latest project with me.
Alla is an architect who is consulting DIY home improvement enthusiasts online.
This post originally appeared on allaDIYally.
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