Several trends of wooden door industry in the future

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-12
In recent years, not only the major power giants, but also the leading enterprises of cabinet and floor related enterprises have come to seize the wooden door market. Although the wooden door industry has unlimited prospects, but all cross-border 'land grab' phenomenon very hot also will wooden door market competition to white-hot. The wooden door industry has encountered unprecedented opportunities and challenges. So, let's take a look at several major trends in Guangzhou's future wooden door industry. Affordable housing brings huge business opportunities. The future market of wooden door industry can be expected. The construction plan of the country's 36 million affordable housing units will greatly increase the demand for customized furniture such as wooden doors and bring great development opportunities to the industry. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers' understanding of home decoration will also reach a higher level, from initially satisfying simple practical and living needs, gradually develop towards the pursuit of taste, personality and environmental protection. In particular, wooden doors that can be customized and have the characteristics of fashion and specialty have become the consumption hot spot in the home market in recent years. Customized wooden doors are in great demand. Shaped wooden doors are old varieties in the furniture industry. From the perspective of products, due to their fixed size and many styles, they can be designed into various pattern effects and more supporting furniture, it can make the furniture of the living room achieve the overall effect. From the perspective of industrial development, mass production can be realized and reliable quality can be guaranteed. The demand for customized wooden doors will be more and more, while the share of traditional furniture industry will be smaller and smaller. At present, China's home furnishing has reached the stage of fashion. The same wooden door is a thing of the past, and customization will become the development trend of the wooden door market in the future. However, although customized wooden doors can better meet the needs of the market from the perspective of consumer demand, customized wooden doors are not easy to do. Custom wooden doors need strong support in design, production, service and management. This requires wooden door enterprises to improve their product design, equipment, technology and after-sales service. In particular, solid wood door customization requires strong equipment technology, exquisite manufacturing technology and rich processing experience. General small and medium-sized enterprises do not have a complete processing Foundation for wood products. Customization and standardization are not opposite. Customized wooden doors can also be standardized. Standardized production is obviously more conducive to the expansion and strengthening of the industry and the realization of product interoperability, but customized wooden doors are mainly aimed at the customization of styles, styles and sizes, therefore, it is still possible to customize wooden door products through the combination of standard components.
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