shanghai chic — ‘the most remarkable hotel opening of the year’

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
A winding limestone path leads to a goldfish --
Filled with the moat, through a strange and dreamy mist, come to an antique, carved wooden door with the name of the medieval master of the castle engraved on the doorway.
Pushing open the door, I walked into a wooden one with a slatepillared 16th-
Century Court, where brass chains jingle from painted eaves, as the dying sun falls on fine Ming furniture --
There is also a mini bar full of Valrhona milk chocolate, Milliat juice and a bottle of Monkey 47 gin.
If it all sounds like an unlikely dream, it\'s because it is.
I was one of the first to stay at the new Anyang Cloud Hotel, an hour\'s drive from the center of Shanghai.
This extraordinary place
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