she-blinded-me-with-science dept.

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-30
Remember the classes on Friday afternoon.
It\'s very cold. the northwest wind is very big-
I am the one who carefully walked back into the back door of the leader --
Skyscrapers on Park Street. Science.
All this is done in the name of science.
That\'s what I told myself when I was walking. so-
Carefully, open the door back to the double, open them carefully, and back in.
I feel myself faintly.
Conscious, even in an empty parking lot, when explained to a colleague nicknamed Big Deb (
Who found me? I thought I was confused.
I\'m doing a science experiment.
You can say it started with my first glasses in 1974.
Since then, I \'ve been wondering how to walk into a warm building with cold glasses without having to blur the glasses mentioned earlier for two or three minutes.
I bought cream and special cleaning cloth and heaven knows what else to try in vain to keep my glasses clear.
But I checked the email at home about a week ago
The email found that a video clip of a CBC reporter did a good job: accept the advice of a person who has a basic understanding of scientific principles, and someone told him that doing so would prevent his glasses from fogging, so he deliberately returned to the office building in downtown Toronto.
Give the glasses a chance to warm themselves at room temperature.
Otherwise, a pair of cold glasses will enter the warm and humid air.
The moisture in the air settles on these cold glasses (
And everything else you bring from outside)
And produce fog, which is usually opaque enough to block a person\'s vision.
I believe that the CBC reporter has achieved some success and has succeeded --sorta —for me, too.
There was a bit of fog on my glasses, but in such cold weather it was by no means normal.
Give it a try and report it to me.
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