showcasing nature beyond back door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-14
Although double doors, porches and arched windows foreshadowed the good things at the front door of Waterloo\'s laurel green model house, most of the action took place at the back of the house.
Because it is adjacent to the protected area, it makes sense to take advantage of nature outside the back door.
Designed by Flora Di Menna, 3,000-square-
The foot model is light, airy and spacious with a kitchen that really has its heart.
The cream cabinet has a lot of details-an ivory country, the little mountain on the door glass --
Stylish range hood made of unique glass harlequin tiles, chocolate granite and tailgate.
The kitchen allowance made of kitchen cabinets is a stand
Separate piece for easy storage of dishes or wines.
A glass breakfast table breaks the space so that people can see hu, while the cross-back cushion chair adds a nice formal feel but still common
Consistent with the style of the kitchen.
The hurricane chandelier hangs on a dark brown island, emphasizing freedom
The feeling of standing furniture.
A transition point was created between islands-
Concept kitchen, breakfast corner and large family room with 2 roomsstorey ceiling.
Because the ceiling in the kitchen fell to normal nine.
The feet were high and jumped a lot from the double height of the family room.
Di Menna says the cream cabinet minimizes the impact.
At the same time, in the spacious family room, Di Menna creates a comfortable feeling by creating two talk areas.
\"The location of the furniture is very important when you don\'t have a wall,\" she said . \".
\"Because railings can hinder traffic, you don\'t want to carve a room with railings.
So I paint a typical family lifestyle and how they walk at home.
This resulted in the creation of two dialogue areas-one with segmented and leather chairs and the other with library space with tables, chairs and bookshelves.
\"Because this interval is too big (
About 6 seats)
, It embraces both sides of the family room, longer arms facing the fireplace, and shorter arms facing the separate library area.
Di Menna explained that while a visual separation is provided between the family room and the breakfast area, the back is low enough to talk to anyone sitting in the breakfast corner.
To make the space brighter, she chose a wood and glass coffee table with plaid details under the bottom shelf and a cream rug.
Di Menna\'s advice on choosing a carpet is to align with your decor style and color palette.
However, she also suggested using some contrast, so on the dark sofa, such as the multi-color flower in the family room, you can choose a light-colored carpet;
Use a light sofa to do the opposite.
\"But if you want a clear and clean look and you have a very dark floor to grind everything, the carpet and furniture can be light,\" she said . \".
From the family room, you can see almost every area of the home, including the formal dining room in front, the lobby upstairs and the artwork of the two rooms overlooking the main floor.
These are left to the main floor, forged
Iron balcony railings so buyers can see their options, Di Menna said.
\"One could be the study room and the other could be the baby room so that the mother who works downstairs can hear the baby.
Once there is no need to open, a wall can be erected easily.
\"In addition to the luxurious owners and suites, there are marble tile floors, vanity counters and deep soaking tubs, as well as two lovely children\'s bedrooms, which are covered with murals spanning the entire wall.
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