Simple treatment method for yellowing of white wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-14

reasons for yellowing of white paint doors:

consumers do not have maintenance when using it. Due to the oxidation of paint film, avoiding yellowing of white paint door is to prevent oxidation, which is the key to prevent oxidation and direct sunlight exposure. No matter what the product is, sun exposure will accelerate the oxidation of the material. White wooden door must pay attention to maintenance during use, do not touch frequently with dirty hands and wet hands, keep away from radiators and high temperature objects.

How to deal with:

1. From the choice: in fact, the paints used by the regular solid wood door manufacturers are all high-end brand paints, this kind of paint not only does not turn yellow, but also does not crack and fall off when used for more than ten years, therefore, if consumers want to choose the yellow solid wood door , they must find out what kind of paint the wooden door manufacturer chooses. Some white wooden doors will add yellowing resistance to the paint. After several years of use, there is no difference between the new wooden door and the new wooden door.

2. In terms of maintenance: Consumers should wax the white solid wooden door regularly when using it, and do not wipe the door leaf with wet cloth. This can effectively ensure that the white solid wood door will not turn yellow.

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