Simply teach you how to buy wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-14

How to choose

1. Matching principles: the selected wooden door should be coordinated with the door frame cover, the style, color, tree species and pattern of the whole interior decoration in terms of tree species, color and style, in order to produce a complete and unified decorative effect.

2. Usage principle: in addition to considering the security factors of theft prevention, the entrance door can choose beautiful, strong and heavy wooden doors; The bedroom door mainly considers privacy and creates a warm atmosphere, so it mostly adopts a door type with weak and solid light transmission; The door of the book should choose the door type with good sound insulation effect, good light transmission and strong design sense. For example, the wooden door equipped with ancient window edge pattern can produce simple and elegant book fragrance; The door of the kitchen door should choose the door type with waterproof and good sealing so as to effectively block the lampblack generated during cooking; Toilet doors mainly focus on privacy and waterproof factors.

3. Economic principle: the price of wood varies greatly, many solid wood doors are expensive due to the scarcity and luxury of tree species, so when purchasing wooden doors, they should be purchased within a reasonable expenditure range. The cost of mechanized production and manual production of interior doors is different. Whether the internal structure is real or not can be seen from the price. Therefore, if the price is much lower than the basic market price, don't consider it.

How to inspect

when inspecting wooden doors, consumers can carefully look at the surface technology, whether the paint film is full and whether the color is uniform. You can also touch the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hands, requiring no scraping feeling, softness and delicacy; Then stand on the side of the door to see if there are concave and convex waves on the paint surface of the door panel. In this way, wooden doors with good appearance can basically be purchased.

consumers can also open the closed package first and probe into it to smell whether there is any pungent smell. If people shed tears and sneeze, formaldehyde emission is relatively high. Most wooden doors with excessive release of harmful substances use cheap artificial plates, so the price of the whole set of wooden doors is often extremely low.

when installing the wooden door , pay attention to the final check by checking the internal materials of the door lock hole. In addition to paying attention to the Environmental Protection of wooden doors, we must check the relevant qualification certification of manufacturers to measure the advantages and disadvantages of their products.

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