Solid wood composite door construction of the lacquer that bake needs to pay attention to?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-14

install door is selected for the door of the first, followed by the installation of the steel, wood door manufacturer under the solid wood composite door construction need to be aware of the lacquer that bake to you talk about?

1, the wooden door must use the reserved hole installation method, it is strictly prohibited to install and build by laying bricks or stones of the mouth.

2, small make up remind wooden door must be in the installation hole ground engineering, such as: floor tile, stone, after the installation, at the same time after wall putty scraping and sand wall to stick wall brick, stone hole, must be fully posted on the hole side, that is to install for operation.

3, install the mouth of the cave wall humidity & lt; 25%, if the humidity & gt; 25%, should be moistureproof isolation layer in installation on the wall.

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