Solid wood composite door insect-resistant eat by moth?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-10

now more and more families use solid wood composite door, but easy to eat by moth, wooden door how wood door manufacturer to give us the solid wood composite door today insect-resistant eat by moth?

a, in order to prevent the wooden door is moth decay, can use the surface strong brine daub a few times more, can have moth-proofing function.

2, apply with cotton camphor oil, made from camphor, cotton balls placed piano, wooden furniture, wardrobe, counter, will remove the cockroach and insect-resistant eat by moth.

three or with sharp pepper, Chinese prickly ash right amount, at the end of the mashed into into hole cavity, and water injection has insecticidal effect, can be spread of insect-resistant eat by moth. Recommended reading: solid wood composite door pick method

4, water and with fire trace insecticidal water to make, drip into the hole in the cavity, can also kill moths, but this method does not apply to the basket, cabinets and other food storage of bamboo.

the victims of the five, coating treatment on corners, using raw tung oil, shellac varnish or lacquer coating, brush to the surface of the wood cabinet, can separate moths from the air, achieve the goal of moth-proofing. Note that when besmear to brush, both the front and wooden wall coating evenly.

6, medicament treatment when wood is bug eat by moth, available dichlorvos and water in proportion of 1:5 of solution, using spray jet comprehensively, let the liquid infiltration within the wood cabinet, to spray 3 times ~ 5 times in a row, after eight hours, can kill all the moths. Later on, wash clean with clear water of the wood to dry.

use diesel, inunction, sunny day will have been bug eat by moth wooden door in chaoyang, brush with wool or cotton dips in diesel will all wooden 1 times. To besmear bask in two or three hours, bask in again, to see the moth to die in the mouth of the cave. And then washed with detergent liquid, dry.

after eight, to buy back the wooden door with 3% sodium fluoride dip can insect-resistant eat by moth forever.

that's wooden door manufacturer to share the problem of solid wood composite door insect-resistant eat by moth, hope to help everyone.

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