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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-10

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The difference between solid wood doors and pure solid wood doors In many people's impressions, the solid wood doors must be solid wood doors made of large pieces of wood of the same kind, such as solid wood doors of cherry wood, but in fact, solid wood doors may not be the same. Made of materials. Now let's take a look at the difference between solid wood doors and solid wood doors! 1. Solid wood door is the solid wood composite door or solid wood craft door commonly mentioned in the market. The door core of this kind of wooden door is mostly made of pine, fir or imported filling material, and is attached with MDF or solid wood veneer. Made after pressing and sealed with solid wood lines. General high-grade solid wood composite doors, the door core is mostly high-quality white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer. 2. Since the white pine is small in density, light in weight, and easy to control the water content, the finished door has a light weight and is not easily deformed. In addition, the solid wood composite door also has the characteristics of heat preservation, impact resistance, flame retardancy, etc., and the sound insulation effect is also good. The solid wood composite door not only has the characteristics of smooth handfeel and soft color, but also is environmentally friendly, not easy to crack, and durable. 3. Pure solid wood door means that the substrate used in the product is pure solid wood material. The wood is dried and then processed scientifically by cutting, planing, boring, drilling, and high-speed milling. Most of the pure solid wood doors used are precious woods, which are more expensive. They usually range from 3,500 to 5,000 yuan, and even tens of thousands of yuan. 4. But the biggest disadvantage of pure solid wood doors is that they are easy to crack and not easy to repair, which is determined by the characteristics of the wood itself. At present, there is also a machine on the market that can reduce the cracking deformation after processing the wood, but the machine is expensive and complicated to manufacture, and there are not many manufacturers that can be used. The difference between solid wood doors and solid wood doors I believe everyone knows! After mastering these differences, you can come in handy when you buy solid wood doors.

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