Some Thoughts About Front Entry Doors For Your Home

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-05-09
There are folks that put a lot of emphasis, or importance on the front door of your home. How does it reflectA�on what the inside of your home is like? Is it a reflection of what kind of person you really are? Those questions run along the same line as is the automobile you drive is a direct reflection of who you are? Personally, I never really put much stock into that sort of thinking, but the fact that many do can't be denied. When I think back to past times in my life, and more specifically, the times that I went to someone else's home, with few exceptions, their front door doesn't stick out in my memory. The times that it did, would be a door that was barely on the hinges because of damage to the door during a party gone bad, or a police battering ram. But even then, I couldn't tell you the color, texture or what type of door it was. A few times when arriving at a few high-end, upscale homes, I remember wondering how much they had to shell out for that! But did it really tell me whether the people inside were warm, family oriented, caring, moral, cold-hearted, or serial killer type people. I don't think so. I am more inclined to believe that the front door of one's home tends to beA�more of a reflection ofA�one's personal taste. But I also keep in mind that quiteA�a few folks just don't really care that much about such things but, are more likely to beA�concerned about the overall practicality of the door. Things like, does the door operate smoothly? Is it a secure door? Does it match the house in regard to color? Can you see into the house through the door? Some of these are important characteristics of a door to many people and some only want a functional, practical door that they don't have to worry with. So again, it's all about personal taste and how much importance you place on impressing others, or your concerns for security. If you want to make a statementA�with your front door, most will adviseA�you to go with a solid wood type. There is a great variety of styles and woods to choose from. You can definitely make an impression on some with your choice. If you're more concerned with a solid, functional, easy to maintainA�door, I recommend going with a metal type. They are durable and come in many styles and colors as well. Another advantage of the metal door is that it can be repainted to go along with any changes in your exterior or interior trim or color changes. It's all up to you. Evaluate just what are your priorities in choosing the front door to your home. But whatever your priorities are, one of them should beA�security. Be sure that you implement a quality dead-bolt lock system. And be sure it is the type that key locks from the outside and unlocked by hand on the inside, in case of fire or similar emergency. A 180 degree viewing port, usually called a 'peep hole', should come with the door or be installed, if you can't see out of the door any other way. This reduces the security risk of opening the door before you know who is there.
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