swiss gold: how to see geneva on a shoestring

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-01
If you think you need to break into the underground vault of the Swiss bank and enjoy your life in Geneva, think about it.
Of course, in this cityclad jet-
Use setters tools in luxury cars and premium stores
High-end boutiques that have been listed as the most expensive in the world may be eliminated
Not very good-Between us.
But to really feel Geneva, you don\'t need to be croyce.
Contrast: Simplicity is the name of the game here, and as these experiences have shown, there is no bank secret involved here.
On your bike, we can almost smell the value of money. Your passe-
There are two wheels in partout, Geneva.
Bicycle rental (and a map)
You are free to explore the different neighborhoods on both sides of Lac Leman and beyond at your own pace.
When you\'re tired, hot and sweaty, it\'s fun to park your bike on the dock and walk to the Jet d eau fountain and stand under it.
There is nothing here that will refresh tired cyclists more than the most iconic landmark spray in geneva Lodge.
At genve Roule, the starting point for bike rental is as low as CHF18 (US$18. 50)
One-day service is available at multiple locations in Geneva.
The hotel is located in the arcade of montbleland, which is convenient to visit the lake;
1201 square monbriant, Geneva; + 41 (0)22-740 13 43; open from 8 a. m. -6 p. m. October 29-
April 29 and 8m. -9 p. m.
For the rest of the year; www. geneveroule. chAll-
One day, al fresco just added a picnic.
The practical look of the ubiquitous Coop supermarket chain is your gateway to some of the most affordable treasure basinsthe-
Food selection--
Croissants, baguette, dry meat, cheese and pastries.
The next step is to take it outside and have a picnic on a tree in genevafilled parks.
It is almost always easy to find space on a bench or, if weather permits, on the grass in the Park of Bertrand;
One of the largest spaces is (green spaces)
On the GOSH River
After that, it was time to watch the sun go through the green of the summer trees, and listen to Genevois\'s expensive shoes creaking through piles of autumn leaves while walking the dog.
Mural dinner? No problem --
Just don\'t forget to add a bottle of red wine from coop to your basket before heading to Grange Park.
Right across the lake, it has the widest rose garden in Geneva (
There is a new specimen contest every June)
It is the venue for free jazz concerts throughout the summer.
Coop sells croissants as low as 1 Swiss franc. 90; www. coop.
Free walk in the old town: amazing old town.
Vierville is a uphill-
A downhill maze of cobbled streets lined with art galleries and high
End the boutique, but a short walk in Wangwang will cost you 1 cm.
Once you admire the architecture of the stone building, marvel at the solid wood that dates back to the doors of centuries, standing on the steps of Catherine©Hotels in St Delar
Pierre, reformist leader Jean Calvin once delivered an exciting sermon there and you will be ready to have a beer in La cl…©Mence.
Cigarettes from generation to generation
Smoking Genevese students, lawyers and intellectuals have gone out to play because of the good atmosphere and the low price and continue to do so-
Beer starts with chf4.
Larkla©Fort du Plaza mence-20-de-
1204 Geneva; +41 (0)22 312 24 98;
Open at 7 every daym. -1 a. m.
Friday and Saturday morningm. -2 a. m. ; www. laclemence.
The other pedal can be opened on its own to see the Lac Leman at close range.
So you don\'t have your own yacht.
[Description:] Lac Geneva â x99 s L©Man can still be yours-
If you are willing to give a little sweat.
Pedalos is probably the best and most interesting way to get a real lake feel.
From April to September, you can walk your own way in the blue waters at a calm speed, wave to the selected few on their boat, stop when you want to enjoy the mountains in the distance and feel the sun.
In Les Corsaires, one-
For a group of two or four, the one-hour pedalo rental price is CHF20;
33 Gustav Ador, 1207 Geneva; +41 (0)22 735 43 00;
Open at 10 every daym. -9. 30 p. m. ; www. lescorsaires.
CNN\'s chMore: Switzerland digs books on skateboarding for Tibetan browsers.
At the Flea Market in Plaine de Plainpalais, you will most likely see a woman with blue eyeshadow and orange hair touting a polyester outfit.
This is the place to browse another era of boxes full of photos and books, before you take crepes from food stalls and people, look around for real estate jewelry and maybe have a chance to get a rare recording of Edith Piafwatch. Feeling brave?
Maybe you can skate at the first official skate park in geneva Golf, where many young Swiss daring people will be happy to give you classes for free.
The flea market is on Wednesday and Saturday. 8 a. m. -6 p. m.
Hang out at PaquisAnd Bain, not the banker in front of you.
In the summer, the beach on this rocky lake is a place to go, and you will most likely find a young banker who basks her skin like you find a burnt one during your lunch breakto-a-
The crisp half-day just came out.
While winter swimming is becoming more and more popular, the Turkish bath, sauna and Turkish bath may be a better choice.
Beach tickets CHF2;
Children under the age of six are free.
The bathroom may also make you interested in paquis\'s cheese specials-
Hot pot with cream.
It is priced at CHF22 and served with sparkling wine. it is one of the cheapest and most delicious hot pot in the city.
Bain de parquez, Geneva, 1200, 30 Quai du Mont Blanc; +41 (0)22 732 29 74; open September-
Monday to AprilSaturday 9 a. m. -9. 30 p. m, Sunday 8 a. m. -9. 30 p. m; May-
August 9 every daym. -8 p. m.
Book hot pot in advance; www. aubp.
Chocolate cake for chocolate lovers. We all know it.
Simply enter any chocolate shop and when you choose dazzling truffles, pralines and pavy you breathe in this beautiful scent©This is a kind of enjoyment.
Chocolate in all incarnations is an art form in Geneva, but let your indulgence be a cafe©Chocolate fudge by Mortimer.
Cook outside and melt inside, it\'s a chocolate cake and it\'s worth the price you pay for it.
Cafe©Mortimer, fort du, 4, 1204 Geneva; + 41 (0)22 310 13 98; open Monday-Saturday 6 a. m. -midnight.
Looking at Geneva upstairs is more clear than looking at most balconies.
On a clear day, a simple activity may be the best, even a fast jumping activity abroad.
Many locals like to take a bus from the center of Geneva to the foothills of Mount Salef-
Also known as geneva\'s balcony--
In neighboring France.
They can jump there. ©L. ©Ph. ©Before arriving at one of saleve\'s many hiking routes, you can sit on the top of the car and look down at the wonderful photos of that ubiquitous Swiss fountain; all free. View local-
All public transport sites-Bus information; www. tpg.
ChThe t. ©L. ©Ph. ©The price of the Rique cable car is 10. 80 (US$14)for a round-trip ticket; www.
After work, Roger, the local wine is a little cheaper.
For locals as well as tourists, one or two glasses of wine are the most delicious at the end of the day, and they like it best in a real Swiss bar.
There are so many such popular institutions in the city that no matter where you go, it\'s hard to make mistakes.
Duvin Avenue and cabie Lodge©It is a good choice to take a treat or sit down and have a drink.
Very reasonable chf6 glasses. 50 --must-
Try: from the vineyards around Geneva to the ice town of White Pino--
Bottles around CHF20 make drinks sweeter.
The warm hosts and the well-known friendly and International Swiss will only make it harder to leave.
3 George Avenue, Duvin Avenue
Geneva, 1204; +41 (0)22 310 91 90; open Monday-Friday 11 a. m. -11 p. m. ; www. boulevard-du-vin.
Cabo Lodge©, Kidney©March-
Fabri, Geneva 1201; +41 (0)22 731 60 16; open Monday-Friday 7:15 a. m. -
Midnight, 10 on Saturday. m. -midnight; www. cottagecafe.
CNN: Geneva is one of the most livable cities in the world. . .
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