The advantage of solid wood composite painting door have?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-13

solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake is integral with real wood material, the wooden door manufacturer to share solid wood composite painting door has the advantages of how?

1, the green environmental protection. Solid wood composite door that most of the lacquer that bake or pine, fir, and some exports of glue them into a filling material. High-temperature repression, and it is around the edge banding is used solid wood line, its door core wood will generally use more high quality white pine, so that more green environmental protection raw material products, but also plays a heat preservation moisture, corrosion resistant stamping, person gives on the surface smooth, beautiful looks, clean up is relatively easier.

2, more easy to clean. Overall this door it is made of solid wood materials, or use the PU paint surface, sealed performance is relatively is relatively good, so solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake it has a good waterproof, moistureproof, is a more practical use of the product.

3, well-made. This door it is to use natural logs as a door the door of the core, the surface of it is also has a thick layer of paint film, is after high temperature baking, drying process and then make a series of blanking, tenon, drilling, grinding, high speed milling shape such as produced by the process of heavy and complicated, so this kind of door is also excellent in workmanship, so it is also attributable to a good door.

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