The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite door have?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-09

solid wood composite door is often use one of the categories of life, is very popular with people, the wooden door manufacturer to sum up the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite door have?

the advantage of solid wood composite door

1, the structure of the solid wood composite door technology, more scientific door deformation, warping is reduced at the same time.

2, the production of factory jobs have higher precision, spray paint is not easy to release the toxic gas such as formaldehyde, benzene.

3, solid wood composite door, door, have the effect of heat preservation, sound insulation, and finished product has a strong impact resistance ability.

4 string cut wood veneer, solid wood composite door appearance is connected, texture clear, strong aesthetic feeling

the disadvantage of solid wood composite door

1 real wood door, solid wood composite door, and as it is more easily damaged and fear of water.

2, solid wood composite door, compared with the pure real wood door is relatively expensive.

3 quality will be different, the manufacturer of solid wood composite door, must be careful when choosing so clear understanding.

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