the art of making an entrance

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-15
Is your garden a first impression?
The entrance to the garden sets the tone and speaks a lot to the gardener\'s personality.
It can also provide valuable clues about the artistic style you may find in it and the attention to detail.
In addition, the design of the entrance often becomes the unconscious expression of the owner\'s cultural connection and intellectual sensitivity. A subtle, low-
Exploring with its modest, low-key size and attractive invitation, the key entrance to attracting us is my favorite.
I suspect this is our favorite style.
It can be a simple wooden door, a country pavilion covered by Jasmine, or a beautifully decorated art work.
In the end, whether the entrance is a success or a failure, it always seems to come down to one thing: its ability to convey a friendly, humble welcome.
It would also help if it implied that it might seem deceptive and that it might just look like a normal entrance, in fact, it\'s a magical portal, waiting to ship you to a secret place that is unusually beautiful.
A lot of ideas about what shape the entrance should be were told by Vancouver architect Bing Thom in 1993, when he was a rising star.
He mentioned in an interview that he was a little disgusted with the loud, exaggerated, self-centered entrance.
He was mainly talking about the entrance to what was then called the \"Monster House.
\"The big entrance is completely unnecessary,\" said Tom.
This is an exaggerated cartoon.
It\'s like wearing all the jewelry when you go out.
A little bit of jewelry is OK, but it is not good to wear it.
It turns out that my favorite garden entrance is not only simple and elegant, but also blue.
Like, I like this salon.
The styled revolving door is made of elegant blue wrought iron, and the Vancouver Garden, located around the corner of East 11 Avenue and Templeton Avenue, was the competition champion a few years ago.
This entrance is sandwiched between soft leaves with a carefully crafted screen
Like design and charming vine pattern.
Entrance to another award
The award-winning garden at the corner of Kiefer Street and Princess Avenue town is another popular garden because its blue wooden heritage is very simple --style gate.
On the Third Avenue near Collingwood, I found a garden with an incredible set of blue metal gates that were beautifully designed and cleverly complemented by a dense, prickly Blue EarthEchinops).
In Holland, one of my entrances --
TIME\'s favorite garden is opened through an elegant blue gate, on a narrow curved paved road, next to the short Huang Yang hedge.
Very close to the garden is another equally impressive garden entrance, with a black metal gate leading to a green sidewalk lined with neatly planted floral borders.
Two of Vancouver\'s most prestigious public gardens
Chinese classical garden in Zhongshan and Nitobe Memorial Garden-
Have a charming scale
Lower entrance: Sun
There is a small and tranquil courtyard entrance with black and white cobblestone floors, Nitzel has an almost shy regular wooden door with a very attractive Peel
Function down.
Holly KOYT, the winner of our great garden competition last year, has shown a similar good taste in creating a humble, practical, elegant Japanese entrance
Stylish garden in Ammore.
The stepping stone to the entrance is softened by elegant bamboo leaves.
The Italians are excellent at creating beautiful entrance to the gate.
In my experience, the most memorable is the big wooden door at the entrance of the Cimbrone villa in Lavello.
Although the entrance is a large and sturdy wooden structure, the entrance is scaled down to a more attractive size through its decoration, and the actual entrance door is indeed very modest.
My Italian friend Umberto Garbuio in Bennabi also created a very attractive entrance in his garden, with a row of priest trees on the boulevard leading to a door, arches and crocodiles push up from below.
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