The choose and buy of contemporary wood door what skills?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-29
Luxury and beauty of contemporary wood door, solid modeling, it is the choice of many families, the wooden door manufacturer to tell everyone about how contemporary wood door the choose and buy skills? Structure: contemporary wood door and call log color wood, namely USES log directly processing the wood, half bo, bo all three kinds of styles, from wood processing technology, which has two kinds of inoculation and log. Refers to connect wood logs after sawing, refers to the wood, performance more stable than logs, can guarantee the door deformation. Techniques of choose and buy: (1) the sealing side, a large manufacturer use modern machinery and equipment, use sealing side of high temperature and high pressure, the bedroom door appearance after sealing side is neat and firm. (2) the hardware accessories, high quality bedroom door is the famous hardware fittings, open and close freely, without noise, when using can on withstand tens of thousands of switch and changeless form attaint. (3) the veneer, the veneer is decided by two parts, one is the material, the second is the paint quality. Material refers to the veneer wood material and thickness, it determines the color, texture and the price of the door, veneer thickness should be 0. More than 7 mm; The quality of the paint and coating process decision appearance coating quality, the high quality and advanced spraying paint, paint process, to ensure that each door has surface smooth, uniform color, texture clear characteristics. (4) the environmental protection, all the raw materials for environmental protection material to produce green environmental protection product, the environmental protection department test certificate is required.
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