The choose and buy of wooden door skills have?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-11
< p > the structure of wooden door is different, can be divided into real wood door, solid wood composite door, and three kinds of molded door, wooden door manufacturer to share below the choose and buy of wooden door skills have? < / p > < p > several contrast that < / p > < p > need to first before indoor door of choose and buy yourself with wooden door, can inquire on the net first understand before the choose and buy the knowledge; For wood a preliminary understanding of the mind, so that we can in the process of purchase of more professional, not easy to fall into the trap of the dealer sales; The wooden door, to the same style, the same brand from quality, price, service and so on comprehensive consideration and comparison. < / p > < p > choose trustworthy brand is the key < / p > < p > in order to guarantee the interior door product quality is superior in their household, so proposal consumer is buying indoor door when had better choose a few word of mouth good companies to buy, so to wood of all sorts of problems in the future will be very good protection. < / p > < p > don't decorate a style of joint < / p > < p > should first clear the style of whole decorate a design, selection and matching of doors and Windows. Second, should use a room according to determine its use function; Finally still have to determine whether the colour and lustre of indoor door and the whole decoration of the bedroom. < / p > < p > family health is the most important < / p > < p > produce harmful substances mainly come from man-made wooden wooden door plank and paint coating. When wood of choose and buy should understand the environmental protection index is formaldehyde release a quantity to 1 or less. Soluble lead 5 mg/l, 90 mg or less, 75 mg or less soluble cadmium, soluble chromium 60 mg, or less after the environmental performance in all indoor door need guaranteed to ensure every staff in household's physical and mental health. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > < / p >
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