The classification of strengthening ecological door how?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-31

strengthening ecological door more and more used in our daily life, is the choice of many families, the wooden door manufacturer to share to strengthen ecological what is the classification of the door?

1, molded doors

general common on the market of molded door, for I am the cause of the domestic technology and materials, is common on the market of molded door appearance modelling is not deep, the lack of depth is not strong.

2, milling type door

is on the plane to strengthen door carved into all sorts of pattern design of interior door. In the type of carve patterns or designs on woodwork milling generally USES all kinds of high quality glass glue to act the role ofing line or all kinds of paint coating.

3, color matching door

is a variety of pattern and color plane patchwork, juncture place with type milling process of interior door, more fashion, more have artistic aesthetic feeling.

4, assembled door

assembled door is common strengthening door upgrade products, appearance is generally a 9 mm thickness of melamine veneer type milling assembling, quality of assembling outlets are rare, at present our country is one of the few manufacturers have begun to mass production. Assembling process with fashion, beauty, stereo sense is strong, thick, with advantages, such as almost comparable to the market of high-grade wooden door.

5, the ecology of the lacquer that bake real wood door

is a kind of the new China, the most high-end door, to strengthen our country with advanced manufacturers invest heavily and human take the lead in the introduction of Germany advanced technology, futures melamine special coating, to all sorts of modelling of alien melamine wood decorations used in cosmetic, is a kind of plate line combination of high-grade wooden door, finally solved the reinforcement is inferior to the disadvantage of high-grade wooden door door modelling style.

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