The coating process of wooden door what's the point

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-07

the installation of wooden door to use can effectively meet the needs of consumers, a lot of people have a curiosity on the manufacture craft of wooden door, wooden door manufacturer to share below the coating process of wooden door what's the point?

1, damage the substrate processing

wormholes: wood vulnerable to eat by moth, especially some wood for a longer time. In order to make the whole furniture, wooden door show a long history, is often artificially on the wooden base material to make some wormholes.

file marks: on behalf of the furniture, wooden door in the process of long-term use, tracks made by some of the hard scratch;

percussion mark: furniture in use process, left the mark was hit by hard objects.

2, material handling

because of lumber itself color have big color difference, especially the springwood and winter in the real wood material, sapwood and heartwood has very big color difference. Thus to adjust material assignments, usually with red and blue water material.

3, overall shaded the material color painted approach of color, this kind of coloring materials, there are many kinds of lighter material material for wood grain texture, can consider to have permeability paint colorants.

4, head of primer once primers lower viscosity, which is easy to seep into the material surface.

5, wipe TuGeLi colorant

with cotton cloth or brush, further deepening the texture effect, at the same time make some contrast. This level will greatly determine the overall effect.

6, a second primer second primer can be adjustable according to normal viscosity oil viscosity, it protect the base, the role of g lish colorant, at the same time it has good filling ability, is an important part of the entire film.

7, wipe again TuGeLi, colorant,

the operation and process 5. Can increase the administrative levels feeling of the products. Part of carve patterns or designs on woodwork and groove to deepen color, make its level more clearly, there is a feeling of old as a whole.

8, spraying transparent primer according to normal ratio of oil, after coating is dry, burnish is flat and level.

9, complexion, fantasy

available solvent soluble dyes and configuration, after completion of repair the color can be fantasy.

10, spray transparent paint selection good product luster, uniform coating.

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