The craft requirements of wooden doors are very exquisite

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-17
The technological requirements of Guangdong wooden doors are very exquisite and must be processed through multiple links and processes. Every processing technology is very important, which determines the beauty, practical life and price of wooden doors. According to expert estimates: 'The original wooden door process is different, the cost difference will reach more than 8 times. ', Variety Selection. The selection of wood should comprehensively consider its internal dry shrinkage, mothworm resistance, corrosion resistance, density and natural warpage. Myanmar cherry wood and walnut are mainly used in the market; Sapride and ebony imported from Africa; Rosewood imported from Africa (Common name: Ba Hua) Such as, these wood species have good performance, especially suitable for the climate in Jiangnan area. Wood drying. The moisture content of wood is the decisive factor to determine the cracking and deformation of wood. Therefore, in the production of the original wooden door, we must first strictly control the drying process of the wood, and scientifically control the moisture content of the wood according to the air of each province, so that it can reach the regional standards. Paint process. Paint Technology is 1st of the factors affecting the advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors. For example, under the same sunshine condition, bright white finish with good yellow resistance has better color retention than ordinary white finish; Under the same paint film appearance, the wear resistance and scratch resistance of wear-resistant matte paint are much better than ordinary matte paint. Of course, the skills of technicians are also very important. They can strictly control the uniformity of painting and the fullness of paint. , Carving process. For the carving of original wooden doors, if you choose to use the machine to carve the partial plate, the lace is carved with small pieces and then installed with glue and nails. This kind of carving process looks neither fine nor rigid, and will be loose for a long time. However, a decent set of handmade carved doors has good carving skills, long service life and high cultural and artistic connotation.
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