the devil in silver

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-25
They brought the big man in on a winter night when the moon looked as hazy as the center of the ice.
Three policemen handcuffed him with wrestling and handcuffs.
They threw him into their undercover cruiser and sent him to the New Hyde mental hospital.
This is a mistake.
They shouldn\'t have brought him there.
But it can\'t save him.
Everyone came out when they got to the hospital.
The big man refused to walk.
Three policemen surrounded him in an attempt to intimidate him, but for the big man they looked like the nephew of Donald Duck: Hugh, Dewey and Louis.
A bunch of cartoons.
It doesn\'t help them in street clothes, not blue uniforms.
Dewey and Louis walked behind the big man, and Hugh stood in front.
The big man\'s hand was handcuffed behind his back.
Dewey and Lu Yi pushed him like a tugboat, guiding a barge, a good pusher, and he drifted past the two doors of the building.
The hall was empty, very quiet, and their footsteps echoed.
New Hyde looks low profilerent motel. Bland floral-
Printed cushions on sofas and chairs, pale lavender on walls.
There were no patients around, no staff, no consultation desk.
But chief police officer Huey knows where he\'s going.
The big man frowned on the decoration and empty seats.
He thought they \'d take him to prison.
What the hell is this place?
He was so confused that his feet did not move, and Dewey and Louis pushed him again.
They went to the end of the hall and found a corridor.
The police turned right, but the big man turned left.
It may seem like an escape attempt, except that the big man stops after two steps.
He was confused and went back to them.
Huey, Dewey and Louis are watching him to see what he will do.
They were relaxed because they knew he couldn\'t do anything.
Hugh raised his right hand.
He was wearing a bulky silver diving watch, which looked expensive even under the terrible fluorescent lamp of the hospital.
He waved and the big man took a step closer to them.
The police could hear him licking his dry lips, which was quiet enough.
This guy is big now, but let\'s look at it from an angle.
He\'s not Greek mythology. sized;
Not throwing boulders at passing ships.
He\'s not even green. sized;
One of them-giant types.
He is 6 feet tall and weighs 200.
1 pounds, if that doesn\'t sound big to you, then you must be a professional wrest hand.
This guy is big but still human. Beatable.
Like these police officers, three smaller men can bring him down together.
Just to clarify.
The big man returned to the man who caught him without saying a word, and they again moved in the same direction.
The corridor was clear and empty, just a lavender wall on a thin industrial carpet runway.
But big men can see the runway end at an old gate, as heavy as you can see in the bank vault. Unmovable.
This is not Motel Six.
His steps were shaken.
But the police won\'t let him leave this time.
Dewey pulled the big boy back in handcuffs.
His shoulder jumped out of the socket and his face was burning with pain.
\"Now he\'s scared,\" said the police.
They arrived at the door.
There is a small white button on the wall.
Huey pressed it and the finger pressed on the button all the time.
The buzzer rings on the other side of the door and sounds like a duck rattle, just like Hugh is throwing his cartoon sound.
There is a window on the security door as big as a cereal box.
Huey\'s finger remained stable on the buzzer and he peeked.
\"Just break the glass,\" Dewey said.
He seemed to be joking, but he didn\'t laugh.
Hugh leaned the solid silver face of his diving watch against the window.
\"You can\'t break this thing with bullets.
The big man opened his mouth.
He had a plan to speak, but he couldn\'t find a word.
He kept staring at the door.
Not wood, not artificial wood, fucking iron. Maybe.
There are rivets in this damn thing, just like it was torn off by a battleship. Bombproof; fireproof;
Probably not breathable.
He finally found the sentence.
\"This place is locked tighter than your Uncle Scrooge\'s vault.
Huey turned from the door.
His eyes were bright by the cruelty of joy.
\"You think these jokes will save you, but they will only make things worse.
Louis said: \"He just wanted one of us to hit him.
So he\'s going to court.
Dewey said: \"We haven\'t hit him before. why start now ? \"
Huey said: \"You are applying logic to a person who has no logical thinking.
\"What exactly does this mean ? \"
Asked the big man.
\"We think you may be in danger to yourself because of your mental condition,\" Louis added ironically . \".
The big man\'s body is stiff.
\"What mental state?
\"You attacked three law enforcement officers,\" Dewey said.
\"How do I know you\'re a policeman ? \"!
\"If you say something in public, the big man makes sense.
The three men were dressed in plain clothes.
Their shields are hung around their necks by silver chains and hidden under their jerseys of different colors. But who cared?
One rule you can trust is: you are never allowed to beat the police.
So, forget to hit two of them over and try to get in touch with the third one.
It doesn\'t matter if they wear uniforms, plain clothes, or swing a pair of pajamas.
But before he began debating the details of the trapping defense, one eye appeared on the other side of the unbreakable window.
At least one head, the hair is gray, but the only thing they can see clearly is the eye.
The outer ring of the pupil is blue, but closer to the iris, the color becomes light gray. Cataracts.
Because the man narrowed his eyes and the other one closed. Man or woman?
It\'s hard to say, face pane, face is so smooth.
Dark clouds of students swim left and right, just like an alien --
A cell organism captured under the lens of a microscope.
It investigated adults and three policemen. It blinked.
The big man frowned at the man in the window.
Dewey and Louis took a step back unconsciously.
Only Huey, who still presses the white button, does not seem to be frightened by the watchful eye.
He smiled at the big man, happier than he did all night.
Appreciate what he will say next: \"Welcome to New Hyde.
He pointed to a plaque on the wall right above the door: New Hyde Hospital.
Established at 1953
Dewey said, \"when can we leave?
\"Just then, it seemed that the eyes had slipped away from the window, and another face had replaced it.
The new guy is standing further away from the glass so they can get to know him more. A man. Brown-skinned.
The cheeks are swollen, the chin is soft, and the nose is round like an old bulb.
He wears glasses.
Thick beard. And a scowl.
They could see his chest, his tie and jacket.
He had a plastic ID card hanging around his neck.
The big man said, \"he\'s wearing an ID card outside. do you understand?
That\'s how people know what his job is.
The three policemen sighed wearily. Nine-
Twenty at night, three are tired.
All they need to do is hand over the big guys, file their reports, and then everyone can go home. (
To their mom, dela? )
The brown man looked at Huey, his eyes as far as possible down the arm of the police, towards that finger, still smashing the white buzzer.
Then the brown man stared again at Huey, and with a flick of a finger came to his lips.
Huey pulled his hand away so quickly that you would have thought the buzzer had just burned him.
The latch lock on the door turned, making a clicking sound like the opening of the drawer of the manual cash register.
Then, due to its obvious weight, the door was opened with amazing ease.
There was an old smell of mildew at the door.
They can see the brown man completely now.
His big round face is exactly the same as his round body.
Imagine a wine barrel, standing upright and wearing glasses.
Not high or fat, there is only one solid Oval.
However, if he had the key to open the powerful door, he must have been a man of authority.
This is enough for the big man who said \"I am innocent.
Mr Brown looked up at the big man.
\"I\'m not a judge,\" he said . \"\"I\'m a doctor.
The doctor narrowed his eyes to Huey, who suddenly seemed a little shy.
The doctor said, \"I didn\'t expect to see you again.
Hugh nodded his head and left the doctor with his eyes.
But he seemed to feel the gaze of his partner, who jumped out of shame. \"This is legit.
He jumped two of my guys.
The big man appealed to the doctor.
\"I thought they were stupid, not police.
\"The doctor looked at two policemen on both sides of the big man.
He smiled, which made his thick beard rise slightly in the movement like a caterpillar.
He went aside and invited them in.
\"My team is waiting in the lobby,\" he said, locking the door behind them. \"Second room.
The police brought out the big man.
Dewey and Louis had tighter arms than before.
They don\'t like the meathead line.
With a watch, Huaiyi put one hand on the shoulders of the big man and followed the doctor with the quartet.
The room looks almost any medium.
You will find the size of the meeting room.
The walls are white eggshells, dry
One of them has a Erase board hanging on it, and the upper right corner has a half of the faintest red curve of the erase. A pull-
On the other side of the wall is a downward screen.
Sitting in the middle of the room made by a man
The wooden table is as big as fifteen seats, but there are only fourteen artificial tables.
Wooden chair with plastic padded back.
A cheaper folding chair is placed against the wall.
Categories of work in conference space.
The person already in the room looks as tired as the decor.
All the admissions teams are present tonight: a social worker, an active therapist, a registered nurse, three trainees, a service soldier, a psychiatrist and a psychiatrist (
That\'s Brown).
These poor people are already ready to leave at the end of their shift, but the police called ahead of time to say they will be treated for a new admission, so the doctor asked everyone to stay.
The team has been waiting for two hours.
This is not a pleasant team.
Ten people, three policemen, and the big man.
It will be a crowded, grumpy room.
Before the arrival of the distinguished guests, the men and women of the staff sat at the table, and they placed notebooks and documents in front of them, doing busy work for other patients while waiting.
Some people take notes, text messages or reply to emails on their mobile phones.
At the end of the table, the service man watched a YouTube video on his mobile phone and sat in a chair.
When the police brought the big man into the meeting room, the staff tilted back as if a strong wind had just blown in.
The doctor is referring to a fake.
About 3 feet of the wood chairs were pulled back from the table.
He can sit there.
\"Hugh took the big man to the chair and untied the handcuffs.
He then handcuffed the big man\'s right wrist to the arm of the chair.
The staff looked quietly and was not surprised.
Only the service soldiers looked away from the scene and played back the video on the mobile phone.
As soon as the boss settled down, the doctor walked to the opening of the conference room.
Somewhere outside the room, go further along the hall, the unit is deeper and you can hear the buzzing sound.
The TV was playing too loud.
The doctor closed the door and the room became so quiet that everyone inside could vaguely hear the bumps --bump-
It came from the serviceman\'s mobile phone.
The faint music played on the trumpet.
The doctor walked through the length of the room and when he passed by to collect a folding chair for himself, he left the orderly man on his shoulder.
He sat his plastic chair in front of the big man.
He smiled, and the thick beard stood up. \"I\'m Dr.
He said.
\"I would like to welcome you to the New Hyde Hospital.
This building, this unit, is called Northwest.
\"The big man looked at the other staff.
Some of them manage the smile in New York, that is, it\'s a nervous smile --lipped half-frown.
Others looked at him calmly. Dr. Anand--
Like a big man, like most people in this room ---
Grew up in Queens, New York.
Not only in the United States, but also throughout the Earth, it is the most diverse region of the race;
This is a difference that has been maintained for more than 40 years.
In Queens you will find Korean kids who sound like black kids.
Sounds like a Puerto Rican Italian.
Puerto Ricans who sound like Italians. Third-
Sounds like a generation of Irish people from old Jews. That\'s Queens.
Not a melting pot, not even a salad, but a wholeyou-can-eat, mix-and-match buffet. Dr.
Anand is no stranger to the buffet table, a man of Indian descent, sounds a bit like a job
Students from the Irish community.
He dropped those r when he was not careful.
He sounds like he is talking with his nose, not with his nose, but with an amazing height. pitched.
At that time, the big man did not care about ethnography.
After crossing the threshold of the gate, he said nothing.
That\'s because he\'s not.
Only his body is on the chair.
The rest of him is a little behind.
It\'s still in the lobby.
The big man knows he should have listened to the doctor.
If someone can explain how long he will be released, it must be a bucket-
Indian handsome guy sitting in a small chair in front of him.
But he just can\'t.
He felt his ears full and his mind was blurred.
It would make sense that he wanted to turn around and look at his shoulder and try to find his lagging part.
He did not actually move because he was afraid of the police beating him.
Why do you think you\'re here? \" Dr. Anand asked.
The whole room was waiting for his answer.
In addition to the orderly person, he took out the phone again, muted it and tilted his head down to the screen.
He wears Glass.
A man looked at something that showed his skin and grinned with his eyes.
Victor lavaley extracts from the devil of silver.
Victor LaValle has Copyright 2012.
Excerpts from the Random House permit.
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